More Vegetarians, No Need to Avoid Ice Cream

Zero Milk in Campina LuVe ice cream ingredients consistently use 100 percent of basic ingredients of isolated soy protein or soya protein. Innovations conducted on the new flavor variant LuVe that is, there are pieces of brownies and strawberry sauce on variants Vanilla Brownies Strawberry Sauce, also rich in chocolate Chocolate variants.

Two variants of this new flavor of course be an alternative for consumers in consuming ice cream as one of the light snacks are lactose free and vegan friendly.

Sophia Latjuba in soft launching Campina LuVe ice cream that uses 100 percent of basic ingredients of isolated soy protein or soya protein.

Encountered in a soft launching session of the new variant Campina LuVe in Jakarta, Adji Andjono as National Sales & Marketing Manager of PT Campina Ice Cream Industry revealed that Campina always supports the lifestyle of people who continue to demand to always consume the best in every meal. the presence of two new flavor variants of Campina LuVe ice cream, "he said.
In addition to enriching consumer choices, this new ice cream also provides a different sensation in enjoying ice cream, vegan or vegetarian. Including, for those who have the condition Lactose Intolerant so it must be selective against intake.
"Campina LuVe ice cream can be consumed by everyone, from children to adults," Adji added.
With an affordable price, Campina LuVe ice cream also has the uniqueness of it spoons that already exist in the packaging so it is more hygienic. Targeting modern women and men with an active and dynamic lifestyle in urban and sub-urban areas, Campina LuVe ice cream is expected to be an alternative in selecting light snacks everyday, especially for ice cream lovers.
Soft launching Campina LuVe ice cream with this new flavor variant also coincides with the renewed momentum of Namaste Festival 2017, an international event focusing on Yoga, Healing and WELL-being, as well as a positive lifestyle that is increasingly favored by modern society.
Also present in this soft launching event, models and actresses are also always put forward a healthy lifestyle, Sophia Latjuba. Sophia is also actively doing Yoga on the sidelines of his busy to come happy with the presence of Campina LuVe ice cream in the middle of a selection of ice cream snacks that circulate in the community.
"I love ice cream, but because I am very concerned with ideal weight, balanced nutrition, and I am also a vegetarian. So, I can only consume products made from vegetable protein. With the presence of Campina LuVe ice cream that zero milk I can eat ice cream anytime and anywhere, "said Sophia.

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