modulate your privacy with "take your distance"

It's been a long time since I know that my friends on Facebook often have nothing to do with real friends.
Between family, mates, former colleagues or people crossed on trip, I have accumulated over the years over 400 contacts who can see me posting new status or photos, day by day.
Even though I regularly lose friendships, I do not necessarily want to do it with everyone. I sometimes want to keep this link without this person appearing in my timeline. That, I could already do it thanks to the option "not to follow" anymore.
I also know that it is possible to restrict the visibility of his profile to some people, but in all honesty, I have always been lazy to sort.
The new option proposed by Facebook, "take its distance", proposes to push the cap a little further, and this very easily …
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What causes the button "take away" on Facebook?
To access this option, it's easy. Just go to the application, the profile of the person concerned, click on "Friends" and then click on "Take your distance".

Facebook has added an option "take your distance" with solutions to less see a friend without removing it from their contacts.
– Lucie Ronfaut (@LucieRonfaut) November 12, 2017

This allows one click to remove that friend from your news feed, but also to limit what he / she can see on your profile. The bond of friendship is preserved and the person in question is not notified of the change.
This solution may be ideal after a break, or simply if you do not want your mother that you did not dare to refuse appears in your Facebook.
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Is the button "take away" precursors of the Facebook of the future?
As explained in Slate's article about this new option, Facebook would like to create different circles of knowledge on a platform where, until now, only two possibilities existed: to be friends or not to be friends.
I take this as good news for lazy people like me!
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