Model Minerva Portillo denounces the sexual abuse suffered by Terry Richardson

The Spanish model has decided to narrate the sexual abuse suffered by the popular photographer

Updated 11/13/2017 5:15 PM
 Since accusations and denunciations against producer Harley Weinstein began to appear, the news about harassment and sexual abuse does not stop. Now, the Weinstein effect has permeated the fashion and photography industry, bringing to light countless allegations of abuse to young models by photographer Terry Richardson. The last one to narrate in first person the sexual abuse of the photographer during a session has been the Spanish model Minerva Portillo.

In 2004, Minerva Portillo (Valencia, 1982) was deceived by the photographer Terry Richardson. According to La Vanguardia, the model, she told the newspaper that she entered the Richardson studio in downtown New York that spring to work with what was the rock star of fashion photography at that time. When he left there his life began to fall apart.
Photographer Terry Richardson has been a photographer for celebrities such as Beyonc or Miley Cyrus
Gresonline The modus operandi of the photographer has been the same with both Minerva and many other young models who have also denounced the abuse suffered: Leslie Lessin, stylist and close collaborator, organized the meetings in her apartment and that was when Richardson made them sign a contract before you start. Then, they peda to remove the shirt. Minerva says that she had already done several nudes and that seemed normal. .
The model was at the top of the fashion industry, and in just over a month was claimed up to three times by the photographer. According to MInerva, she tells the journalist Joana Bonet, "she is obsessed with me", "She told me: you are better than any drug" she confesses. In one of those sessions, the result was a total of 30 pretty hardcore photos, very far from the subtlety and any delicacy. Images that continue circulating by Google and that respond to the raw and, avowedly sexual, brand of the photographer's house. One of the best paid in the industry and idolized by fashion editorials.
After that fatuous session, Minerva was in shock: "I ran away, I felt very disgusting, I took a shower and rubbed myself with an inhuman force, I did not tell anyone." Although these photographs remained hidden for some time, it was two years later, when Minerva was already married and pregnant, when Terry Richardon decided to expose the photos.
Minerva Portillo was quickly labeled as 'sexy and liberal woman'
@minervaportillo In 2010, the model Jamie Peck already raised the alarm when reporting in the first person the abuses to which she was subjected by Richardson. Three years later, Caryn Franklin also began a crusade against the photographer, and later the model Charlotte Waters denounced that the photographer had forced her to masturbate in 2009, although Richardon on that occasion was not affected and defended herself by ensuring that all her practices had been spoiled. According to him, both fellatio and exhibitionism were linked to his signature and his sessions. The photographer has received the not honorable title of "sexual predator" in several American publications, and is that there are many models that during the last years have reported the abusive practices of Terry. Recently it was vetoed by the publisher Cond Nast, in a letter in which the president peda not that any head will work with him. The alarms went off, but there was already a lot of evidence that what happened in Richardson's study was not normal.
The model Minerva Portillo has put it back on the front page in a brave way: her story distills a lot of suffering and denounces how her career was affected by that photo session. "They annihilated my whole life, he did his artwork with me, while I touched the bottom, I would have killed myself if it were not for my daughter, I wanted to disappear, not to know anything about anyone."
And it is now when it seems that, at last, you begin to take seriously these denucias. Already Alice Shoemaker or Coco Rocha announced that they will not work with him again, but he continued his professional career until he became rich and famous, portraying celebrities like Obama, Beyonc or Miley Cyrus. As of today, the photographer has been socially and professionally condemned, but for this they have had to spend seven long years since the first complaint. As Minerva confesses now: "I do not ask anything else to life, only restore my dignity, I do all this for my daughter, I have to cleanse our lives".
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