Me, daughter of the king!, New series of Delitoon, November 13, 2017


          The catalog of Delitoon is enriched by a new series: Me, daughter of the king!, A Korean work that we owe to Bichu (script) and Rekna Kim (drawing). Launched in South Korea in 2016, this new webtoon comes from the catalog of the publisher Kakao, which we already know at Delitoon for the series Imitation. The work counts to date 76 chapters in its country of origin. On the program, the story of a princess who fights to be recognized and who refuses to be reduced to what is expected of her. For this, she will be able to count on her knowledge, her intelligence, and a little magic. The first 11 chapters are already online on Delitoon, then a new chapter will arrive every Thursday.Synopsis: Suhee is a splendid young student . Men are dragging themselves at his feet. Even Jinsu, her best friend, is totally crazy about her. But she is murdered by a rejected pretender. End of the story ? No, she is reincarnated … as a baby! In her new life, she is the king's daughter! Lack of luck, she seems to land in an ultra-macho kingdom where girls are nothing. To win her place in a world of men. She must try everything to be noticed and win her place in this world of men. But her father keeps her away: will she force him to change his mind? It's not won: he despises her … And what will happen to her relationship with Jinsu, that she meets again in her new life?

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