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In just over a month, Mark Hamill, an icon from Star Wars saga will again play a part in the story of George Lucas's space warfare as Luke Skywalker. Though he was previously featured at the end of The Force Awakens, but the scene made the fans really enthusiastic about waiting for the continuation of his adventure in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.
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But apparently, Mark Hamill had felt 'fear' to return in this franchise. In an interview with UK Independent, Hamill recounted his fear of returning in Star Wars saga. He said, "I'm really scared. I thought, why do we do it? The idea to return a second time in this franchise is very doubtful. "One of the factors, according to Hamill, is the age of him and his colleagues of one generation. He said, "Nobody wants to see the 50, 60, 70 years versions of us running and fighting in the Death Star."

According to Hamill, the certainty he joined actually depends on Harrison Ford. He is waiting for Ford's decision whether to return or not. And it turns out Ford decided to go back, so Hamill was inevitably must follow the footsteps of Ford and Carrie Fisher. "Can you imagine if I just say no? I will be the most hated person. "He said.
The geeks would have known if Hamill would have a larger portion in The Last Jedi, so the question is how Luke's character evolved as the last Jedi for 30 years. Certainly not Lucasfilm if they do not make us wonder about the movie, but the geeks are only waiting for about 4 weeks to get the answer in Star Wars's premiere: The Last Jedi.



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