Louis CK responds to accusations of inappropriate sexual behavior

Update of November 13th
When the New York Times relayed the words of five women accusing Louis CK of masturbating in front of them (see below), his agent Lewis Kay said the actor would not respond to the allegations.
A few days later, Lewis Kay no longer works for Louis CK, and he replied in a press release.
He confirms the accusations, and apologizes to the women he has hit.
Louis CK's response to the charges against him
These stories are true.
At the time, I told myself that my actions were correct because I never showed my dick to a woman without asking permission before (it's also true).
But what I learned later in my life, too late, is that when you have power over a person, asking him to look at your dick is not really "ask him". It's embarrassing her.
The power I had over these women was that they admired me. And I did not properly use this power.
I feel guilty. I tried to learn from my actions. To get away from it. Now I am aware of their impact.
Yesterday I learned how much these women who admired me felt, because of me, uncomfortable and cautious with men who would never have put them in such a situation.
I was also favored by the fact that I was widely admired in my community and theirs, which prevented them from sharing their story and caused them trouble when they tried, because the people who admired me did not want to not listen to them.
I was not aware of causing all this, because by my position, I had the luxury of not thinking about it.
I did not forgive myself for all that. I must manage to reconcile all that with who I am.
Which is nothing compared to what they have to manage, because of me.
I would like to have reacted to their admiration for me by being a decent man, and giving them advice on the acting profession, not least because I admired their work.
The heaviest regret with which to live is that of hurting others. And I can barely integrate the extent of the injury I caused them.
Not to mention the one I caused to the people I work with, with whom I worked, and whose personal and professional lives have been affected by it all. […]
I hurt my family, my friends, my children and their mother.
I had a long and lucky career talking and saying everything I wanted. Now I will retire and take the time to listen.
Thanks for reading me.
The career of Louis CK is interrupted
Louis CK wants to step back, but it's not exactly as if he had a choice.
His controversial film, I Love You, Daddy was dropped by the distributor and will not be released in theaters. The FX channel that produced his series Louie, cut ties with him while he was working on 4 different projects.
Netflix abandoned the idea of ​​producing a new one-man show from Louis CK.
He'll have plenty of time to listen.

Charges against Louis CK
November 10, 2017
Since the Weinstein affair, the word of the victims has been released.
The law of silence around sexist and / or sexual violence fades away with hashtags and revelations.
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A new article in the New York Times (the newspaper that had already revealed the magnitude of the overwhelming evidence for Weinstein) relays the testimony of five women accusing Louis CK of having had with them inappropriate sexual behavior.
A duo of actresses testifies against Louis CK
The first case dates back to 2002. Dana Min Goodman and Julia Wolov, a duo of actresses, testify.

They participated in the prestigious Comedy Arts Festival, where Louis CK also appeared on stage. After the show, he offered them a drink in his hotel room, which they enthusiastically accepted.
Just when they arrived in the room, while everyone was still wearing cap and coats, the women found themselves facing a Louis CK asking them if he could take out his penis.
They thought he was joking, but no.
"He ended up completely undressing, and began to masturbate. "
Abby Schachner accuses Louis CK
One year later. Another actress, Abby Schachner, calls Louis CK to perform on stage.

The conversation takes a personal turn, it compliments her on her physique …
The voice of his interlocutor becomes panting, he tells him sexual fantasies. She hears him masturbate on the phone.
They have never met before: Abby Schachner simply called a comedian she admired, hoping to work with him.
Rebecca Corry refuses the advances of Louis CK
Two years later, in 2005, Rebecca Corry spins the pilot of a series that, if she walks, could propel her career to the top. Louis CK, already famous, is a guest-star in the episode.

Posted by ANGEL of SUFP Foundation (@rebeccacorry) on Oct 21, 2017 at 5:35 pm PDT

He approached her as she walked towards the plateau, leaned in his ear and asked if they could go to his dressing room for him to masturbate in front of her.
Rebecca Corry, stupefied and angry, refuses and reminds him that he has a daughter, that his wife is pregnant again.
"He became scarlet, and told me he had problems. "
Anonymous testimony against Louis CK
The fifth testimony is anonymous, and goes back to the 90s.
A female boss, when she was in her twenties, with the production of the Chris Rock Show, for which Louis CK was a writer and producer, says he asked her to watch him masturbate several times.
At the time, she accepted, but explains:
"I knew it was wrong. I think if I said yes, it was mostly because of the middle. He abused his power. "
Another person who worked on this program supports the statement of this woman, who would have confided in her shortly after the fact.

The law of silence in the Louis CK case
The two actresses who testified about their visit to Louis CK's hotel room in 2002 did not know what to do against him.
While he masturbated, they remained hooked to each other, in shock, and fled as soon as he enjoyed.
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They did not see themselves complaining – is Louis CK's act punishable by law? They did not know it.
They tried to talk about it around them, in the comedy world, hoping to warn people about Louis CK's behavior and raise awareness about it. But people have moved away from them.
The manager of Louis CK ended up contacting their manager to ask them to keep quiet about this incident. In the end, they made a lot of enemies by talking.
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Louis CK apologized to some women
Louis CK apologized to Abby Schachner, who had called him to invite him to a show and ended up listening to him masturbate. He sent her a message in 2009, six years later.
"The last time we spoke, it ended up pretty disgusting. It was a bad time in my life, I'm sorry.
I remember thinking that I was really disgusting to do that. "
The actress had accepted her apology.
Louis CK also wanted to apologize to Rebecca Corry, the woman he had approached on the set of a serial driver … but things went on in a strange way.
He called her and apologized for "pushing her into the bathroom". Except that he did not do that to him: he offered to masturbate in front of her. When she pointed it out to him, he replied in a trembling voice:
"I was bad at reading people correctly at the time. "
The comedy of Louis CK takes a bitter taste
Louis CK is one of the most prominent actors in the United States. Even on madmoiZelle, we regularly praised her humor, her skit Of course but maybe, her semi-autobiographical series Louie …
And his words in favor of gender equality, too. At Saturday Night Live, in 2014, Louis CK said:
"Maybe that's why men are mean to women nowadays, because they are deadly afraid. […]
Women have lived ugly things. It was SO GOOD to hit his wife until such a recent time. "

Or this other skit, On Dating, in which he recalled that men are, at the societal level, dangerous for women:
"How can women go out with guys when the biggest danger to women?
We are the number one threat to women, globally, at the historical level. The first cause of pain and sorrow for women. "
And what about all those moments when, in his roles as on stage, Louis CK talks about masturbating in front of people, being a "creep", a scary guy?

Charges against Louis CK, to follow
None of the women in question officially filed a complaint. Louis CK's agent told the media that he would not speak on the subject.
Public appearances of Louis CK have been canceled, however, such as appearances on TV, and especially the preview of his film I Love You, Daddy.

Here is the Wikipédia pitch of this very controversial movie:
A famous television producer, Glen Topher (Louis CK) tries to prevent his 17-year-old daughter (Chloe Grace Moretz) from falling in love with a lusty, 68-year-old director who asks if he can masturbate in front of her ( John Malkovich).
And I will let my article end on these lines.
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