Laura Escanes surprises with a radical haircut

The model has said to his half hair and has left us with his mouth open with his new look

Updated 10/11/2017 10:15
 Laura Escanes has surprised us again and has done it with a radical haircut quite far from the hair and medium length that we are accustomed to with a platinum blonde tone if possible than in the past. And the truth is that it also looks great. We tell you the keys to your new look.

Sometimes, taking the step for a good haircut is more difficult than it seems for all of us, but Laura Escanes has done it without thinking twice. The model has just gone through the hairdresser to bet on a new blonde pixie hair cut platinum with many layers and movement in the neck area and shorter from the neck to the neck. The truth is that very short cuts of hair and pixie style in all its versions are still very present and manage to highlight a more personalized look through very localized layers depending on the features.
The new pixie haircut by Laura Escanes.
Instagram @lauraescanes It was premiered at an event of the bridal firm, Rosa Clar in Gerona and it has done it in its hairdressing salon, the Toro room, which many celebrities attend.
The new look of Laura Escanes, has left us all perplexed but there is no doubt that it feels great. Besides being a new haircut, more changes are coming to Laura Escanes's life? At least that's what the polls say, that a new haircut (and even more radical) can be the prelude to other changes … or simply to be released another look equal or more spectacular than the previous ones?
The boyish looks or cuts to the boy, are the representation of a current that is taking more and more force: "a way of saying I can !, to say that a woman is also beautiful without artifice" says Diana Daureo. Suitable for strong women, with a lot of security and who do not pay attention to the opinion of others, a look championed by every day more celebrities and that is "such a radical change that, the truth is that it is difficult to take it to the day of women with more conventional professions ", recognizes Daureo.
In the majority of the occasions, beyond having a beautiful cranial physiognomy and very defined facial features, it also requires a certain gift or ability to make the trend yours as the it girls do. "Although this is a cut that enhances and rescues the features of the face, always favor those with fine features and clear eyes," says Daureo. The question is to dare … as Laura Escanes has done.
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