Lagos erupts seven days before the election with veiled support for the DC and the presidential election of Carolina Goic

                                                                                                    One week before the elections, former President Ricardo Lagos gave an interview to Cristián Warnken in which, in addition to calling on citizens to participate in the elections, he made clear gestures in favor of the option of the presidential candidate of the Christian Democracy , Carolina Goic, taking care of that yes of maintaining reserve of if it will vote by her or by the letter of the New Majority, Alejandro Guillier.
But beyond his statements, in which he insisted that he did not "correspond" to give his support, the signs were clearly of sympathy for the party of the phalanx, starting with the profile of his interviewer, who is an open adherent to Carolina Goic, and also for the words of the former president in which he believes that it would be "a mistake" to form a conglomerate without the DC.
"I think some of them would not like the Christian Democracy to be with us and I think that is the deepest of the mistakes, because to that path, you end up being a testimonial force," he said during the interview that took place. last Friday at the Democracy and Development Foundation.
Lagos, to whom the PS lowered him from the presidential race to give his support to the senator for Antofagasta, also brought up issues such as the "ethics" that candidates should have, a concept coined by Goic since the beginning of his campaign, and that of the solidity that his programs must have, a sensitive aspect for Guillier because of the criticisms of which his command has been the object for having made it known only a few days ago.
"Without ethics there is no justification for the pursuit of power, and the pursuit of power without a concrete plan of action for the good of the country that you aspire to serve is the worst of the corruptions, because are you seeking power through the tinsel? of the presidential gang, because they are going to square off the Armed Forces, or are you looking for power because there is a set of ideas that you think are the best for the country? That simple ethic we forget, "he said, adding that An elector, at the moment of defining his vote, "the only thing he has to do is, from the options that you have, to see which program is the one that you think best interprets him, which is the capacity to carry it out and which are the equipment that there is ".
The words of Lagos were praised shortly after by Goic, who in his Twitter account stressed that "it is clear that we share a common vision of Chile."
And this Monday, the acting president of the DC, Matías Walker, did not hesitate to describe the former governor's words as "a tremendous gesture to the candidacy of Carolina Goic"
"He is very clear in highlighting the ethical dimension that Carolina Goic's candidacy has adopted, its importance for the country, its importance for the center-left, and being President Lagos a man of the left, it is absolutely legitimate for that sector to vote for Carolina Goic, like Alejandro Guillier, that is a tremendous gesture, a real 'lagazo', "he said in statements made by Radio Cooperativa. The former president gave in to the poet and literature professor Cristián Warnken, who publicly supports the party's standard-bearer and has even been a face in his time.



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