KOG Games Showcase KurtzPel, MMO World Anime Full of Action

KOG Games which is the developer of Grand Chase and Elsword announced a new MMO game titled KurtzPel. This game still features anime-style and action-packed graphics!
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If you wait for an action-packed anime-style MMO game, then KurtzPel is required! This game was developed by KOG Games which was previously famous for the Grand Chase and Elsword series.
KurtzPel itself will feature an action-packed game with modern console-class graphics! Players will create and customize their own characters to fight in the anime fantasy world.
The game itself is planned to be released for PCs in South Korea. But did not rule out this anime-style game will also be released globally. Although developed by KOG Games, it seems the game system will be completely new, unlike the previous two games.
This game will feature a third person point of view and players can freely move in the wide environment!

In mengambangkan this game, the KOG Games using Unreal Engine 4. Of course this game will display a very cool graphics are very modern! In addition, the use of this engine also opens the possibility for release on platforms other than PC. But until now, the developers still have not spoken about it.

The main features featured in this game are Player versus Player (PVP) and action system. So for those of you who are very fond of full-action competitive games, then this game you must look forward to his arrival.
The developer claims, their main focus is the interaction between actions displayed characters.
This game is also claimed to be honing skills play players. So the "buy to win" element, "time to win" element, even up to the character level will not show up in this game.
Even the developers also claim there is no player power enhancement item! It seems that the character's status in this game is only a matter of affecting the strength of the character.

For the core of the game itself, there will be a feature called "Karma" and "Karma Fragment." Both can be combined with your weapon, to determine your fighting ability and influence your character relationship with an NPC. In addition, Unique costumes can also be obtained through NPC using "Karma."
Though focused on the PvP feature, KurtzPel will still feature PvE elements. Players will travel through the background of an interesting story.

The character relationship with the NPC will affect this PvE element. The developers themselves say they do not want to show linear PvE. Well, we just wait like what features will be displayed KOG Games.
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