Klaire makes Grr and his show Chattology: in interview on madmoiZelle

                  Hey hello here! Did you know the formidable, brilliant, admirable … Klaire does Grrr? Maybe yes, especially since we have already talked about her on madmoiZelle several times.
Klaire makes Grr … the interview!
She had already told us about her career as a "mountebank of the net" in 2015, but since then there have been 2/3 things in her life and I suddenly wanted to interview her again.
As for example the underside of this time when she masterfully trolled the trolls (this is the 2017 version of the irrigated sprinkler?) After explaining to Marion Maréchal Le Pen that canceling the Family Planning grants was not relevant ( it's the least we can say).
Klaire's show is Grr, La Chattologie
That was really just after his first interview, but today as you will learn in this interview you can find Klaire at Arte Radio in his podcast Mycose the Night or on stage, in his show called Chattology to talk about rules !
For having seen it, it is of public utility, both funny and extremely relevant (and yes, you can take people who have no uterus – it is even recommended).
You can book your tickets to see her at the Comédie des Trois Bornes on the Fnac, or even call the theater directly (to benefit from the cuts as Klaire says) (rather a nice idea is not it?).
She is on the boards every Saturday at 9:30 pm until January 6, if I were you I will not waste time!
Well, and if you did not know her, I'm almost jealous because you now have 1000 wonderful things to do.
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