Jonan Reveals Reasons for Simplifying Electricity

For the 450 VA class with subscribers as many as 23 million households and 900 VA groups with subscribers of 6.5 million households subsidized by the government, unchanged.

While the 4,400 VA to 12,600 VA classes are raised and powered up to 13,000 VA, and the 13,000 VA class on top of its power will be stark loss.

Minister of ESDM Ignatius Jonan

In response, Minister of ESDM Ignasius Jonan finally spoke up. According to him, the policy is also done so that people can enjoy the results of the construction of a megaproyek 35 thousand megawatt (MW) power plant which is expected to be completed in 2024.
"This is the first time that the number of electric power capacity goes up, now it has not increased yet, but in 2019 – 2020 – 2021 – 2025 there will be at least 40 thousand MW increase," he said at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Jakarta, Tuesday (14/11).
"Well, 40 this electricity is going to be given to anyone? Whether only for industry or big companies or business world is not it, for society too," he added.
On that basis, Jonan wants to simplify the power class. He is optimistic that the greater power felt by society will make them more productive.
"So this we will boost the power so that people also want to enjoy more electricity, can be done," he concluded

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