In order to Make Quality Animated Movies, Deddy Corbuzier Spend Rp 18 Billion

                            Successfully working on the action movie, TRIANGLE: THE DARK SIDE in 2016 and then, Deddy Corbuzier re-launch a movie. This time the animated work titled KNIGHT KRIS THE MOVIE is ready to go live. The film he made with Viva Fantasia, and has been done since three years ago.
"I love the challenge and creativity, so when someone invites me to be creative I am always ready to support wholeheartedly," said Deddy in Mampang, South Jakarta, recently.
Deddy said, the movie Knight Kris The Movie, dedicated to Indonesian children who need quality entertainment movies. To work on the film the father of one child was invited a number of creative young figures such as Kaesang Pangarep, Chika Jessica and Stella JKT 48.
Deddy Corbuzier re-launched a new movie, this time with a touch of animation. © / Bayu Herdianto
"This film we dedicate to Indonesian children who need entertainment that educate and inspire them," said Deddy.
Interestingly, to work on an animated film, the father of Azka Corbuzier was to spend 18 billion. According to him, with the number of 18 billion he is ready to provide a quality animated film.
"I think the number is reasonable, because memabuat quality animation is expensive," said Deddy.
Film Knight Kris The Movie is going to air on November 23, 2017 coming in theaters Indonesia. This film raises the story of a child's self-seeking to become a hero in the village of his birth.


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