Husband Lured Women Semok, Semlohai, Bahenol, MALANG – Donwori seems unwilling to learn from his dark past. Because of its buoyous nature, residents Bandulan Urban Village, District Sukun, Malang, it has twice failed to maintain the household. Her current marriage was at the end of the horn because of her crocodile nature is not lost. Donwori has been coming home for many years. He prefers to spend time for women of night type semok, semlohai, bahenol (SSB). He seemed to forget his wife, Sephia (30) and his son who was only 2.5 years old. Donwori's habits were also gossiped villagers. At its peak, Sephia sees her husband drunk with his affair, Karin (22), in Merjosari Village area.

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