How To Unique Aldi Taher Rayu Georgia Aisyah To Cancel Divorce Law!

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How To Unique Aldi Taher Rayu Georgia Aisyah To Cancel Divorce Law! – Since the last few days the divorce lawsuit that was directed to Aldi Taher sticking to the surface. But how does Aldi's event for Georgina Aisyah cancel her lawsuit?
In some statements chaotic household of young couples that it has been going on for a long time. Because of that harmony that finally made Georgia choose to sue for divorce the husband.

However, the decision has been taken by a beautiful mother that makes Aldi less happy. The reason he still wants to establish a relationship with his wife and maintain their household.

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In addition to asking directly, Aldi Taher also has other unique ways. Former Dewi Persik siri husband's husband prefers to make a song that ditujukkan to the wife so as not to leave himself.
The song with the title 'Dear Do not Go' was created specifically for Georgina Aisyah. Interestingly the song was actually made when the problem of the household is being tipped horns due to the process of divorce.
Copyright © BintangDengan creation of the song Aldi hoped that the woman he married on October 25, 2015 was discontinued intention to part. The possibility to melt the heart of the wife that is taken by Aldi.
Moreover, the lawsuit has been filed by Georgina Aisyah to the Religious Court of South Jakarta since a few months ago. In addition to persuade his wife apparently Aldi also devote his feelings through the song.
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"Song dear do not go, yesterday Aldi was confused how to ngungkapin our feelings now the condition how so ya, so Aldi tuangin through the song with the title Dear Do not Go, hopefully Goergia heard," said Aldi Taher.
In addition to the song apparently Aldi also spoke about the feelings of longing for his wife. He admitted to longing for the woman who accompanied him two years.
Especially before the lawsuit filed, Aldi and Georgina have not met. Because it is a feeling recognized miss appear with the woman who was pregnant young.

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