how to make one? The advice of Bulledop

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Are you worried about your friend's bullet? The videos on this subject have an ASMR effect on you so that fascinates you?
You dream of being able to caress the pulp of your fingers your own pages so nicely decorated? To leaf through them with satisfaction to remind you of the good moments of your life?
Yes, but the problem is that you are lazy to get started in this business. The truth is that doing a newspaper bullet seems as insurmountable as going to the laundry on a Sunday morning after a sleepless night.
So on the occasion of the release of her box bullet journal (where she gives all his advice and offers tutorials,) I asked Bulledop, specialist of booktube and bullet journal, to explain me how to make a bujo even when we have big laziness!
Imagine she is very, very convincing.
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Tips for getting started in a bullet bullet
You're still hesitating to get into a newspaper bullet, because it seems too restrictive? Bulledop explains why this is not the case!
What will it bring me to make a news bullet?
Making a newspaper bullet is a way to clear your head in order to better organize, but also to take time for yourself.
Taking a few minutes to ask in writing what we have to do and what bothers us is to allow us the opportunity to channel our brain and avoid brooding things that we must do for the next day.
Note and make lists is also a moment of calm with the pen and paper. We pause in our lives filled with imperatives to blow a blow!
In short, it is an organization system, but it can also be a way to make a newspaper in a more general way, or personal development!

How long does a bujo require (to be satisfactory)?
No more than a few minutes daily! Personally it does not take me more than five minutes a day to do my to do lists.
The only thing that will take a little longer is the monthly setup. Every beginning of the month I take thirty minutes to prepare my bujo for the month, then it's pretty repetitive!
Do you advise to make one even when one leads a troubadour life, to go out to the right on the left, without being sure of being able to hold it daily?
It is precisely for this kind of life that the bujo has the most interest in my opinion.
A bullet is not a prison! Not bad if it is not perfect or not respected, what is necessary is that it corresponds to us and helps us to find there.
Without my bullet I would simply not be able to live my troubadour life! BUT that does not mean it's perfect. It is used when I need it, otherwise? Never mind !

What time of day to focus on filling it?
It depends on everyone. Personally I like to do it in the evening, in order to have a global vision of my tasks for the next day. But we are all different!
Tips for filling out your bullet easily
It's good, you decided to start, but you are afraid of not knowing how to choose or how to fill your bullet newspaper? It's not complicated.

Can I opt for a little notebook to slip into my bag to make a bujo?
Of course ! It does not matter the format! The magic of this system is that we can completely appropriate it! It also goes through the form!
What simple and nice content do you recommend to fill your bujo?
The monthly pages and the daily pages are the basis for being organized properly. It is also with these pages that I allow myself the most creativity!

Tips for decorating your newspaper bullet easily
No need to have done the Fine Arts to make a nice bujo!
What is the basic material for decorating a bujo?
A pen, a ruler and if we really do not feel like drawing, but we want to have a pretty bullet a little decorated, masking tape, post-it, stickers and stamps are our best friends!

Where to find inspiration to decorate simply and beautifully bujo?
ALL OVER ! on Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, on the site of Ryder Carrol (which is still the basis of all that) …
The advantage of the bullet is that we talk a lot and the more we talk about more we have content on the internet to allow us to inspire us!
Tips for Resuming Your Newspaper When You Dropped It
If you started your newspaper bullet but you quickly left it with discouragement, do not put pressure on yourself!
How to motivate oneself to take it back when it has been abandoned?
Do not put pressure on yourself, and do not hesitate to grope and think outside the box to find YOUR organizational system.
There is no rule to organize: we have all these needs and desires. Too bad if it's different from what we can see elsewhere!

One last thing to add to encourage bujo?
Do not be afraid, a bujo is not to be beautiful! It's done to be practical!
Too bad for erasures! No need to know how to draw! Each his needs! If drawing is not your thing, go take a look at the minimalist bullet on the internet and you will see that it is not disgusting!

For more advice from Bulledop, she will lead a workshop around the bujo at the Book Fair and the youth press of Montreuil Friday, December 1 from 18:30 to 20h (on registration, places will be won on Instagram Flammarion novels on which Bulledop is currently in charge for the week!).
She will also be signing on Saturday, December 2 at 1:30 pm and Sunday, December 3 at 4 pm on the Flammarion stand.
After all this, you will not have any more excuses not to dare to launch you!
To get the Bulledop bullet bulletin box, visit Place des libraires, Amazon and La Fnac


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