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Global report on consumers of luxury in Instagram first published in RussianDepositphotos Instagram studied the behavior of instagrammers who lead a luxurious lifestyle. It turned out that they are twice as active as the average Instagram user, they consume five times more content and often publish publications of brands. The Russian Instagram office provided with a version of the global report in Russian. In addition to the portrait of the consumer of luxury in Instagram, the report gives recommendations to the brands on attracting this audience and considers the most suitable advertising formats for this. Portrait of a luxury consumer in Instagram – The average age of luxury consumers in Instagram is 35 years old (an audience of 18-65 + years who saw advertising in Instagram and placed hashtags associated with luxury for 28 days until March 9, 2017). "They are technically savvy, have more devices than an average Instagram user, and spend more time on them than any other group of users. – Consumers of luxury are more influential in Instagram: the number of subscribers is almost twice as large as that of an average static instager. And they themselves are subscribed to a larger number of accounts, 2.5 times the average. It's because they always want to learn about everything first (Instagram Luxury Study: Global Insight Deck, conducted by GWI on Instagram order, March 2017). Perception of content – 65% of people who watch content in Instagram and in magazines prefer Instagram if they want to get inspiration (Instagram Luxury Category: Global Insight Deck). 67% of luxury consumers in Instagram use the platform to find inspiration for travel. – Consumers of luxury consume five times more content than the average Instagram user. And they are three times as likely to be asleep. – 55% of Instagram users in the UK and the US subscribe to accounts of expensive brands to recharge their inspiration, stay in the trend and be the first to learn about the latest products from the world of luxury (Instagram Luxury Category: Global Insight Deck). 49% monitor the brands in Instagram to feel that they are more closely associated with it. – 51% follow celebrities in Instagram to find out what luxury novelties from brands they wear. 56% use Instagram to see the latest collections of brands. 41% use Instagram to gain access to sales and discounts for luxury goods. Russian Instagrammers – According to the Instagram research from TNS Kantar, the same image of luxury brands, shown in Russia on four different digital platforms, received much higher ratings in Instagram. The picture was perceived as 2.7 times more inspiring, 2 times more unique and 1.8 times more creative. – Russian Instagram users are one and a half times more active than on other platforms, follow news from brands and 2.5 times more often enjoy content from brands. How does a luxury brand find the right audience in Instagram? For advertisers who plan to launch advertising in Instagram and clearly target premium segment consumers, you should use the targeting features in Instagram. It can be: – An individually tuned audience (advertising will be shown to existing customers using their e-mail or phone numbers); – Audience with certain interests (for example, taking into account what applications they use, what ads are viewed and to which accounts they are subscribed); – Audience of certain behavior (activity of users in Instagram and Facebook is fixed, for example, if a person prepares for a wedding or plans to purchase an apartment); – Similar audiences (targeting people who are similar to current customers of the company). Setting goals for an advertising campaign (recognizability, attracting attention or conversion) will also help luxury brands achieve the desired effect. A recent study showed that: – for 58% of campaigns aimed at conversion, there was an increase in online sales (Instagram study of the results of 26 advertising campaigns 26 in the period from August 2015 to May 2016); – for 78% of campaigns aimed at installing mobile applications, there was an increase in the number of downloads; – for 70% of campaigns aimed at any action on the part of the client (user registration or sales), there was also an increase in activity from the client. Working with Influenzers In its report, Instagram identified future rich people in the person of Instagram users, who can get into the group of rich users. Currently, these are income groups: € 55,000 + EUR in France, € 75,000 + EUR in Germany, € 60,000 + EUR in Italy, 300,000+ AED in the UAE, £ 60,000 GBP in the UK. The so-called tomorrow's rich are among the most active followers of the suite in Instagram. Despite the fact that future influenzers may not have the purchasing power of current consumers of luxury, their media and shopping habits largely coincide. They watch for luxury brands and influential people and strive for their ways of life and shopping. Instagram gives them a window into the world of luxury, and makes them feel part of an exclusive club, the report says. "Both current and future fashion consumers are following trendy infusors to be in the trend. Influenzers successfully integrate products of companies into their lives and talk about their experience in Instagram, becoming full-fledged ambassadors of the brand. As more and more partner materials appear on the platform, it is very important that the user community can easily learn that the content they see in their tape is advertising. To this end, Instagram recently introduced a tool that allows opinion leaders to tag partner materials. The creators of such posts will be able to add a special "Sponsor of publication" tag with the name of the partner brand, and the sponsors themselves will be able to view the expanded statistics with the coverage and involvement of each publication. Gradually the function will work for everyone. The company also plans to send notifications to creators of partner materials if their posts violate the rules for branded material, "comments Mike Hinrichs, manager of social media at Montblanc. Advertising formats for luxury brands – Luxury brands are often pioneers in the use of new advertising formats in Instagram. One of the most common formats is a roundabout (the ability to post in one post to 10 photos and videos). – As a rule, luxury brands are the custodians of a long, rich history, which they proudly talk about. Since the advent of Instagram Stories, companies have been able to immerse customers in the world of their brand. 1/3 of the most viewed Stories belong to brands. – With the current boom in mobile video consumption (Cisco Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update, 2015-2020, February 2016), video advertising plays a crucial role in how people learn about luxury goods and buy them. In the US, for example, 92% of car owners said that their preferences for buying cars were strongly influenced by online video, which they looked before. "The indicators of involvement of our audience when watching the video in Instagram are very high. A moving image is the future, it carries the content into life, "says Sarah-Louise Marks, head of social media at Soho House & Co. Instruments such as Boomerang and video with several clips have become popular additions to the standard video in Instagram. The time of viewing the video in Instagram increases by 80% every year, the number of daily posts of video posts increases four times (internal data Instagram 2017).

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