Hop! Nordists and Belgians in the Pyrenees this winter

Looking for the six-day accommodation offered by the entity with the purchase of the plane ticket and transfer bus shuttle on n-py.com, the airlock that includes 450 ski providers but also hot springs of the 8 Pyrenean resorts.
Another promotion, the accommodation of 2 nights on weekends at 99 euros but Lille customers will have to return via Lyon. But the current tariff policy of Hop! via the Lyon platform should then increase the price of the ticket …
This seasonal line is part of the overall increase of 4% of the seat supply this winter in Lille but it is the only novelty. Elsewhere, Hop! strengthens its offer with different aircraft modules, in Marseille and Nantes in particular.
As for the summer of 2018, the programs have yet to be completed, but in view of the results of the summer of 2017, with a 1% drop in supply and stable traffic for an average filling of 75%, we must not expect a revolution.
Especially since the dynamism of the entire North-East zone of Air France from CDG is more supported: + 9% for business traffic and +3 to 4% for leisure traffic.

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