Here's an Example of the 5 Fastest People in the Game World! Who Are They?

        Source: Flight Rising The game world in today's modern era is very dynamic. Even the game industry today is almost the same as the film industry. The best games now involve top class CGI in order to achieve maximum results.
Even from year to year, the developers create a lot of good franchise to be enjoyed. Because of that, now the game world becomes very feasible to be discussed. The discussion discussed became more widespread, not just fixated on the walkthrough alone.
Currently in the gaming world there is also a very interesting facts to be discussed together. One fact that is quite interesting to discuss is about the fastest game characters.

During the game world, we are often served by characters who have super speed. Not only the protagonists, the antagonists also sometimes have a tremendous speed. is interested to discuss the facts and wants to make the list of the fastest game characters. Without further ado, this is the fastest character in the gaming world! Cekidot.
1Albert Wesker
Source: Relly on HonorFor the lovers of Resident Evil, of course you are already familiar with the antagonist named Albert Wesker. This one character has incredible speed.
Understandably, Wesker is not an ordinary human being, but has undergone a genetic mutation to make it move very quickly. The proof of his speed no doubt.
For those of you who play Resident Evil 5, you will face the figure of Wesker as the last boss. The character we play, Chris Redfield will be quite hassle to beat Wesker.
To defeat him, Redfield must wait for the right moment to beat him. Besides equipped with great speed, Wesker also has tremendous toughness in terms of martial arts.

This expertise makes himself one of Umbrella Corporation's deadly weapons. Even the famous Redfield very tough had to suffer bad luck many times when dealing with the Wesker.
Even with bullets and other weapons Wesker is hard to beat. But in the end the quick Wesker can be defeated because he plunged into the lava when faced with Chris and Sheva Alomar.
Source: Flight Rising The next fastest game character is filled by a new antagonist in the gaming world, Stefano. For those of you who have not played The Evil Within 2, Stefano is one of the strongest antagonists in this game.
What is interesting about Stefano is that he is a person who glorifies art and has a flamboyant appearance. The art that Stefano made was amazingly crazy because he made art by killing his victim.
Then after his victim was killed, Stefano made his victim like a statue with high artistic quality.

Stefano's weapon is also unique because he uses a camera that can make his opponent to be slow. Even the main protagonist, Sebastian Castellanos almost died when confronted with Stefano.
Sebastian is exposed to Stefano's camera which makes him unable to move. Lucky Stefano left Sebastian because he has not been interested in making the art of ith body Sebastian.

Unlike Wesker, Stefano tends to be weak in physical terms. Stefano only rely on the camera and its incredible speed to kill his opponent. But Stefano is armed by a zombie when facing one on one with Stefano.
Despite being classified as a quick opponent, Stefano should instead be defeated quite easily by Sebastian in The Evil within 2. In that battle Stefano must have died famous Sebastian's shot on his head.
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