Hard denial of Quena Rencoret to Mikel Uriarte for contract renewal with TVN

                                                                                                    After the letter published on November 9, in which the former chairman of the board of TVN in 2013, Mikel Uriarte, said that the director of the dramatic area of ​​that time, Maria Eugenia Rencoret, "decided not to renew (contract) and go to the competition ", lawyers Marcelo Costa and Álvaro Guzmán decided to respond in harsh terms to these accusations.
"For the participation that corresponded to us as María Eugenia Rencoret's lawyers for these purposes, we can affirm that Mr. Uriarte's statements are not effective," the letter begins, published in the newspaper La Tercera.
He then adds that, after 28 years of work by María Eugenia Rencoret, TVN decided to retract to renew the contract "in the same terms that the channel itself had proposed".
The foregoing, according to them, would have been done "through an email sent to the undersigned on November 10, 2013, a retraction that occurred once this party had already accepted the proposal."



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