Future Movement responds to Assad: You are the last being talking about sovereignty



The Future Stream responds to Assad: You are the last object to talk about sovereignty.

BEIRUT, Lebanon (CNN) – Lebanon's Future Movement, led by resigning Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri, reacted violently to a statement attributed to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad that Hariri had been sacked and his sovereignty was missing. The current said Assad was the "last object" entitled to talk about sovereignty.
"Bashar al-Assad is the last person on the planet to talk about self-rule and freedom of decision," he said in his brief statement on Tuesday night. The so-called character of Mr. Hariri is the most shameful character of Assad. "
He concluded by saying: "In any case, Blakef Bashar Assad to stick his nose in the Lebanese issues and to stop spoiling the toxins in the meaning of the Lebanese and their issues."
According to some media reports from Beirut, Assad's statement came during a meeting with a delegation of national parties participating in a gathering in the Syrian capital, but the Syrian news agency did not show the statement in the text of Assad's speech before the two communities, where he talked long about regional and local issues.
The meeting with Assad and his regime in Syria was one of the main issues of disagreement within the Lebanese government, which was chaired by Hariri. The meeting between the Lebanese Foreign Minister and his Syrian counterpart recently raised the wrath of Hariri, who accuses Damascus of assassinating his father, former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. Threatening his personal security, criticizing Hezbollah's fighting alongside him in Syria.

The Future Stream responds to Assad: You are the last object to talk about sovereignty

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