Final Fantasy Dimensions II Will Become Square Enix's New RPG for Smartphones!

Square Enix just released Final Fantasy Dimensions II, this sequel will tell the journey of a new character that is not less exciting than ever before!

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Square Enix has just released Final Fantasy Dimensions II, a sequel to Final Fantasy Dimension that takes you around the space and time. The game itself still retains the classic Final Fantasy-style game system, but gets improvements in graphics and animation. In Japan this game is known as Final Fantasy Legends: Toki no Suishō which is then replaced with Final Fantasy Legends II.

In the release of this global version, Square Enix also released a trailer containing footage of several events that appeared in the game. In addition, the new trailer also features an original theme song from Final Fantasy Dimensions II titled "Timeless Tomorrow II" sung by Lia.

In the sequel this time will center on a young man named Morrow. The story of the adventure was quite unique and unexpected. Told a meteor suddenly placed near a village. The meteor itself contains a young girl who appeals to Morrow to help.

The young girl was named Aemo, who had forgotten memory because of his journey into the world. It is also known that Aemo is a girl of the future! Eventually Morrow and Aemo ventured together, exploring time to protect the past, present, and future of destruction using Eidolon. Interestingly, the story in this game will be released episodically.

For the battle feature itself will use a turn-based system similar to the battle system in Final Fantasy X. But for the appearance of the fight, still retain the classic features that we meet in the first series. In a fight, players can form a party that contains 3 main characters. While the figure of Mootie the little dragon, will appear as a supporting character.

This game itself was released for the smartphone on November 1, 2017, for those of you who like the Final Fantasy series, then you are required to buy games from Square Enix this one. This game is already available on PlayStore and AppStore. Square Enix membandrol this game for RP219.000, for both versions. This game was previously planned as a free game, unfortunately due to difficult maintenance, Square Enix finally decided to provide all the existing content and paid.
Source: Siliconera, edited by Fachrul Razi

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