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Worldwide networks plan to expand in the country and open 70-100 fast food restaurants every yearDepositphotos Almost a quarter of fast food establishments in Russia belong to international corporations. The network intends to continue to expand in the country and open 70-100 fast food restaurants every year, where, despite falling consumer incomes, traffic grew by 9%, and consumer spending – by 10-11%, Kommersant reports referring to the study " shops ". Most of all sales points in Russia turned out to be Burger King, KFC, McDonald's. They accounted for 12% of new points, opened by international brands in the catering segment from June 2016 to June 2017. In total for the considered period, foreign networks opened in Russia 297 new institutions. In total, the share of foreign brands in public catering accounts for 22% of institutions. Burger King plans to open 100 restaurants by the end of 2017, while in 2016 this figure was 96 points. In Yum! Brands (KFC develops) they said that they plan to open at least 100 restaurants every year. In 2016, 109 KFC were opened, this year – 71. In the Russian office of McDonald's reported that by the end of 2017 intend to open about 50 points. Last year the network had 73 new establishments in Russia. The decrease in the intensity of the discoveries in McDonald's was explained by the fact that in the current year, in addition to new discoveries, the modernization of operating restaurants became a development priority. Subway is at the same position as KFC in terms of opening rates, but it is also leading in terms of the number of closed points: 6% of the total number of non-working points of all catering networks across Russia. Subway is experiencing large-scale optimization and plans to rebrand at the end of 2017. In total, there are more than 600 institutions operating in Russia, mostly franchising. According to regional experts, Subway is difficult to compete in view of the increased prices. Among the restaurant brands, the second place for closures is occupied by the network of pizzerias Sbarro. After the "Planet of Hospitality", developing Sbarro in Russia, the brand owners found a new partner HoReCa Band Group. Now in the country there are 22 Sbarro restaurants in sub-franchise. The company plans to open 25-30 establishments every year and by 2027 to expand the network to 300 establishments. According to the NPD Group in Russia, the fast food segment accounts for 43% of the total turnover of the catering market. Thus, this is the largest segment, it grows both traffic and visitor costs: in the first and second quarters of this year attendance grew by 9%, expenses by 10% and 11%, respectively. Experts note the revival of the catering market from the middle of 2017. The expensive restaurants were replaced by affordable projects with a low average check, which allows consumers, despite falling incomes, to increasingly choose food outside the house, the expert adds.

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