Ending Dragon Ball Super May Be Different from Ending Dragon Ball Z?!

        Ending Dragon Ball Super is supposed to be similar to Dragon Ball Z ending. But it turns out Dragon Ball's executive team say something else!

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The author still remembers how the end of Dragon Ball Z story in which Goku went to train Uub, reincarnation of Kid Buu and make it as a disciple. So far we do not know what happened between the death of Kid Buu and the birth of Uub, until Dragon Ball Super was made to fill the gap.
Supposedly if we are based on that logic, Dragon Ball Super ending is the ending Dragon Ball Z also remember the Super Dragon Ball is between the gap Kid Buu and Uub. Unfortunately no, producer and former director of Dragon Ball Super said otherwise.
While attending anime convention in Barcelona, ​​Hiroyuki Sakurada and Kimitoshi Chioka mentioned that no one is sure whether the Dragon Ball Super ending will be connected with the end of Dragon Ball Z story.

When both were asked about Dragon Ball Super ending, none of them knew how the Dragon Ball Super story would end. Of course, because Akira Toriyama himself also has not thought about how the ending Dragon Ball Super is. This certainly surprises some fans of the Dragon Ball series considering the supposed Dragon Ball Super ending is connected to the end of Dragon Ball Z.
Hiroyuki Sakurada and Kimitoshi Chioka also revealed that they do not know when the Super Dragon Ball will end up remembering the story of the Power Tournament being hot-hot. But at least, according to both, the Universe Survival arc is expected to stop in March next year.

Of course Akira Toriyama has full rights over how to end the Dragon Ball Super later. Whether intentionally connected to the end of Dragon Ball Z or not, it's in Akira Toriyama's own hands.
It could be Akira Toriyama making the ending Dragon Ball Super to be different from the scene at the end of Dragon Ball Z. Akira Toriyama can also make it a canon by utilizing the Time Ring or magic explanation related to other divine.

If you look at the story in the Dragon Ball GT, surely some of us will be curious how Akira Toriyama will connect it to Dragon Ball Super, is not it? But given all the changes that have emerged so far, is it possible to connect them in the Dragon Ball GT story that clearly does not mention the God of Destruction at all?
According to the author, it would be safer if Akira Toriyama "obliterate" the future in the form of Dragon Ball GT in the same way if Akira Toriyama really intended to make the end of Dragon Ball Z not be canon.
What do you think? Do you guys prefer the Dragon Ball Supering that connects with Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT or vice versa? Write your answer in the comment field, yes!
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