Election race: ChileVamos denounces government interventionism five days before the elections

                                                                                                    This Tuesday from Chile Vamos made a complaint for electoral interventionism involving government officials.
Deputy Nicolás Monckeber and Senator Alberto Espina, both of Renovación Nacional, announced an email written by Nelson Huaquipán Painen, accountant, who works in the area of ​​administration and finance of the National Corporation for Indigenous Development.
The mail was addressed to all Conadi officials, where workers are called to "coordinate the mobilization of voters in each commune".

"Those who have the possibility of supporting (…) should contact shortly with the Cabinet of the Administration, for confirmations and necessary guidance (80 employees are required)," says the letter.
From Chile Vamos indicate, and affirms that this "was requested" by the regional mayor of La Araucanía, Nora Barrientos.
In addition, the message states that "the activity that day begins at 06:30 hrs and ends at 4:00 p.m. Those who participate will be considered as extraordinary work the day of that day, which will be compensated with compensatory time" .

Flagrant government electoral intervention. Intendant of La Araucanía requested via institutional email "coordinate voter mobilization" to Conadi officials. And if that were not enough, he informed that they will be compensated with overtime for this work pic.twitter.com/YMMmE9GuqK
– Alberto Espina (@albertoespina) November 14, 2017

"Flagrant government electoral intervention, the mayor of La Araucanía requested via institutional email" coordinate voter mobilization "to Conadi officials, and as if that were not enough, he informed that they will be compensated with overtime for this work," Espina said. of your Twitter account.
Likewise, Deputy Monckeberg said that "the bad practices of the Government's electoral intervention continue, how many political operators of the New Majority, at this hour, are in the same situation in other regions of Chile? What are the hours for Chileans?" through the social network where he made the mail public.



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