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Dwayne 'The Rock' actor Johnson is certain to be involved in his upcoming movie next year which is an adaptation of a video game called Rampage. Geeks may know that some films adapted from video games have a bad record in the Hollywood industry to date, but Warner Bros. seems to remain optimistic about this Rampage movie involving the former wrestling wrestler and this time they have been preparing for the release of the Trailer first Rampage movie.
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Just like the one from Manitoba Film Classification, Warner Bros will reportedly release the first trailer of Rampage next week and they will steal the 'hype' of the Justice League audience this week. Rampage has started production in July yesterday, which is likely some of this film has had a monster look that is feasible to be introduced through the first trailer.

In the movie Dwayne Johnson will play a role as a person who studies the life of a primate named Davis Okoye. Davis is believed to have a close bond with a gorilla primate named George who is very intelligent and has been treated by Davis since the Gorilla was born. But the Gorilla is a victim of evil genetic experiments that make it a creepy monster along with several other creatures. The destruction caused by George begins in North America and David Okoye seeks to ward off the destruction caused by the Gorilla he loves.
While the director for the film adaptation game released in 1986 will be held by Brad Peyton, who previously had worked with Dwayne Johnson in the film San Andreas (2015). Rampage is scheduled for release on April 20, 2018 and create geeks who do not want to miss the first trailer of Rampage, keep up with the latest updates from Greenscene.co.id yups.
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