Due to Anime Recording in Cinemas, Many Anime Movies Postponed Its Release

Due to the anime cinema recording by someone who is not responsible to make many anime films postponed its release in Indonesia
After the anime cinema case in the movie No Game, No Life Zero invited incredible craziness and made CGV, CB International Pictures, and ODEX angry as a result of the incident in violation of this law. As a result of this incident, the CB International Pictures and ODEX took a stand by bringing the case to the realm of law and delaying the release of several anime films in Indonesia. Due to the anime recording in the cinema, films like Fate / kaleid Liner Prisma Illya Movie: Sekka no Chikai was postponed in Indonesia but not Fate / kaleid Liner was postponed.

Films like Nanoha Reflections, Eureka Seven Hi Evolution, and the most awaited by fans of the Fate series titled Fate / Stay Night Heaven's Feel were also postponed. This was announced on ODEX's official Facebook page on October 31, 2017 yesterday.
Not only that, the film is scheduled to be released in 2018 also experienced delays like the 22nd Detective Conan movie, Crayon Shin Chan, Nanoha Detonation, and Fate / Stay Night Movie 2 & 3, this is expressed in the comments column of ODEX fanpage . There is no clarity when ODEX will re-open the distribution of anime films in Indonesia.

This is the response from ODEX about the incident that happened due to the anime recording in the cinema
We know this is unfair to all anime communities because of some elements, but recording directly in the cinema is a serious offense; and since it lasts for several hours without anyone dismissing it is a behavior we can not accept.
We have received a letter of apology from the perpetrator, but this is not a trivial thing that can be solved by apologizing only.
This irresponsible action caused many problems for ODEX and CGV.
We have to hold all the release of anime films in Indonesia as we complete and follow up on this issue.

Suddenly this makes the anime fans in Indonesia panicked and feel very disappointed with this irresponsible action. Earlier parties forumanime.id who became the perpetrator of anime recording in the cinema has apologized in one post Instagram account of his. Let's hope that this incident does not drag on and the distribution of anime films in Indonesia can go back like ancient times.
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