Drink Miras to Animals in Safari Park, Teenagers Reported to Police

The behavior of a group of teenagers who give liquor to some animals in Taman Safari Indonesia (TSI), Bogor, can not be tolerated anymore. As a result the TSI also report to the police to be followed up.
"We have reported to Cisarua Police," Indonesia Safari Safari Public Relations Yulius H Suprihardo said, Wednesday (15/11/2017).
"We did not expect this to happen. And this stupid action that has just been experienced since 30 years of this zoo stands, "he added.
He also has seen a viral video show on the social network, so decided that what happened can no longer be ignored.
In the video at first it appears some teenagers in a vehicle were feeding deer and other animals with carrots.
However, one teenager who was also holding a bottle of glass that is allegedly a liquor, seen occasionally pouring the contents of the bottle into the mouth of the animal being fed it.
Laughter broke out in the vehicle when the animals that were given the drink ran away.
Not only on the deer, the teenager was seen to pour drinks toward the hippopotamus who was opening his mouth wide.
The video was first uploaded by Instagram account @ alyccaaa, @philipbiondi and uploaded the owner of Instagram @ new account.
Inevitably, netizens are furious with their behavior was then commented spicy. For example, written by this @kinandeliciana account:
"It should be all dikandangin and quarantined in the park safari, kyknya kyknya behavior lu as humans are more immoral than animals @ alyccaaa."
They may be unaware that the act of giving alcohol to animals in safari parks could endanger the health of these animals.


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