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The main persons of the TV channel "Domashny" and the holding "STS-Media" told about the TV news and summarized the results of the year. This year, "Homashny" prepared a bright and quite unexpected program for the guests of the presentation – a trip to the Istanbul with accommodation in the palace of the 19th century, an exclusive excursion program and a large-scale gala dinner in honor of the premier of the TV channel. Advertisers and media representatives were the first to learn about the new TV season. The gala dinner was held in the famous palace of Esma Sultan, where a real ship was brought to the drums of guests. The whole building inside and outside was decorated in the corporate style of the TV channel "Domashny", all present also waited for a special surprise: in the palace it was possible not only to learn about the past and the future of the channel, but also about one, because during the whole evening the guests could tell on the cards Tarot and on the coffee grounds. As befits the owner of the event in the Turkish palace, the general director of the STS Holding Media, Vyacheslav Murugov, appeared on stage in the sultan's attire for the dances of the beautiful eastern concubines. Vyacheslav Murugov, CEO of CTC Media Holding On the channel "Domashniy" many times showed the beautiful Turkey and the history of Istanbul, that we found it right and logical to tell you exactly what the most feminine channel of the country is waiting for in the new season. All serials that are currently being released on the channel, are the hallmark of "Domashnego". First of all, this is the series "East-West" – the first Russian-Turkish series, which successfully took place on the channel. Now they are approaching the end of the shooting of the second season, by the way, near Istanbul, on the coast of Bodrum. I am sure that he will be no less successful than the previous one. This is a real hit and a visiting card of "Homashny", along with "The Magnificent Century", which we will show in 2018. The general director of the TV channel "Domashny" Marina Khripunova presented the guests the main female premieres of the new season and told about the main figures of the season of the past. Already loved by the audience series and shows remain on the air, in the new season you can see the continuation of many familiar stories. The content of the new TV season will be: serials for prime-time weekdays ("East-West-2", "What does your wife?", "From hatred to love") stories based on real events ("Crisis Center", " Unequal Marriage "," Vicious Relations "," Understand, Forgive, "" Explorer-2 "," Muscovites ") mini-series for the prime time of the weekend, telling about the temptations (" The hen party, "Atonement", "Two Wives") Lifshak show ("Home cooking" with Lara Katsova, "Light recipes" with Alexander Seleznev, the new season "Wedding size a "," Diary of a Happy Mom "," Pregnant "," A Cheerful Step in the Morning "). Marina Khripunova, general director of the TV channel "Domashny" Today, the "Domashny" TV channel is available to 94% of the population of Russia. Despite such wide distribution, "Homashny" – the channel with the most clearly formulated concept. At the core of our audience are active women aged 25 to 54. "Domashny" is the only ever growing TV channel on the market. From year to year, "Homashny" updates the share indicator, on average growing by 7% in the target audience. On the air of "Domashniy" annually more than 4000 hours of original content. In the process of channel growth, an important task is to preserve and improve the profile of the target audience. "Homashny" committed a qualitative leap in 2017, strengthening the position among young and married women. So among the girls from 18 to 24 years, the growth of the channel's share was 23% to the figures of the previous year. Among women with children of preschool and primary school age, the share increased by 12%, and among married women aged 34 to 54 years – by 8%. And finally, among the audience most popular with advertisers: working women aged 25-50 years, the share has grown by almost a third. The channel is supported and strengthened by young TV channels due to serials and programs of its own production. So the series "Female Doctor-3" brought "Domashny" in September to the top 5 channels by the share in the audience of a woman of 18-40 years in prime time. The show was appreciated by viewers all over the country: in Moscow the share was 6.4%, and in St. Petersburg it reached 7.1%. In 2018, Home will show 12 premiere series. The loudest premiere of last season and the most anticipated novelty of 2018 is the series "East-West". At the gala dinner he was also given special attention. On the stage were invited performers of the main roles: Eugenia Loza and Adnan Koch. Eugene noted the relevance of the series and its unconditional importance and depth. "The theme of our series is very relevant. Many girls from childhood dream of a beautiful overseas prince and immediately fall in love with the hot eastern handsome. And then the difference in mentality, the system of upbringing, the rules becomes noticeable, and the tale dissipates like smoke. This is a very deep series, which not only keeps you in suspense, but also makes you think that for all your decisions and actions you need to be responsible, "says Eugene. Adnan Koch as a true Turk noted the love component of the series. "It seems to me that this series, first of all, about all-conquering love. If a man knows that he is loved, then for the sake of his woman he will do everything, "Andan noted. A little bit about the numbers Speaking about the results of the season, record indicators of the channel's share are noted, which is explained by the monthly launch of new projects. In February, the channel collected the maximum for this month audience for the entire history of the channel. In April, with a share of 7.6%, "Domashny" entered the TOP-5 TV channels in the pre-prime in Moscow. Recorded in the history of the channel May, both in terms of the indicator for the whole day, and on the share in the prime time (4.7%) closed the television season. In September, when all the TV channels update the content and start the fight for the viewer, "Domashny" added 15% in the share, the third season of the series "Female Doctor" with a share of 6.7% was the most successful series of prime weekdays in 2017.

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