Disney's video streaming service should be much cheaper than Netflix

This summer, Disney announced its intention to launch in 2019 its own Netflix SVoD service. In many months of this launch, the CEO of the firm Bob Iger spoke about one of the important points of the future platform: its price.
An attractive introductory price for the Disney service
He states as follows: "I can say that our Disney side plans are to bill substantially below where Netflix is ​​located. This is partly to reflect the fact that there will be substantially less volume. There will be a lot of high quality thanks to the brands and franchises that will be on which we talked about. But it will be launched with just less volume, and the price will reflect that. "
Thus it is certainly not impossible that a price increase intervenes thereafter (as did indeed Netflix) by adding content, such as the future Star Wars series or the suite of Frozen, already formalized. But the low launch price should definitely appeal to many users and especially those of Netflix who will lose access to Disney content (Marvel, Pixar, Lucasfilm … etc.) at the time of launch.
It should be noted in parallel that another SVoD actor, Amazon, would be thinking about a free version financed by the advertising of its video service. Beyond the original content, the question of the price is therefore crucial for the actors of the sector.
What impact for Netflix?
In the meantime, many questions remain. Starting with the way Disney will launch internationally (everywhere in North America at first?) Or how will be managed Netflix's Marvel series (Daredevil, Jessica Jones … etc.). Reed Hastings, head of the service, said recently that the launch of Disney's service should not necessarily have an impact on its growth, because in many countries Netflix already does not offer many Disney programs and "that is doing very well internationally ".

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