Discover Vomit Whale, Bengkulu Fisherman It's Suddenly Rich Raya!

        Mahdaen.TV News – The sea does save a million mysteries. Good for those who sail the ocean for just recreation, as well as those who do rely on life and earn income at sea. It is not surprising that many unexpected events occur at sea. Lah 70% of our earth is actually the ocean, while the mainland that we live only 30%.
As recently happened, a fisherman in Bengkulu was in the media spotlight as he collected the whale vomit he found in the middle of the sea. Even the initial intention of the fisherman was not picking up this foreign object, but only wanted to clean the sea from waste scattered. It turns out that he found is not unusual lho. Let's see the explanation of Hipwee News and Feature below, then you will know how lucky this fisherman!
While sailing with his colleagues, Sukadi found foreign objects scattered in the ocean. Initially intended to clean up because it is thought to be garbage



Sukadi along with four colleagues are at sea, precisely between Pulau Dua and Enggano Island. He also saw a foreign object scattered in the ocean. The object floats and scattered in the middle of the ocean. Initially Sukadi wanted to check his position on the GPS and then clean the objects he thought was waste. The objects he collected little by little and transported with his ship to be brought ashore.
Later, Sukadi just found out if what he found was a whale vomit. He knows it through Youtube videos

Sukadi was suspicious when transporting the object, he felt that what he cleaned was not waste. He felt that the texture of the thing was soft, light, like a candle and if heated it would melt. The object can be used to turn on the fire. Launched by Tempo, because of curiosity Sukadi then find out about it on Youtube.
Investigate a calibaration of objects that he found was a whale vomit. The object is often used by people to the perfume maker.
What Sukadi finds is ambergris, the substance that is in the belly of the whale and often hunted perfume maker famous

Ambergris is known as a very rare but endangered thing that is often hunted by renowned perfume makers. This object is a substance that can make perfume fragrance last longer. The compass also mentions that this substance was originally a substance that accumulates in the whale's intestines and solidifies. The habit of vomiting on the whale is very rare. Even if it happens, it is often because the whale takes undesirable things like plastic, so the contents of his stomach vomit again.
Clearly, ambergris is a valuable and rare substance. If you've ever watched a Hollywood movie entitled In the Heart of the Sea, you've got to understand how valuable the whale's stomach is.
How valuable ambergris is, how can a fisherman be spelled abruptly rich with this?

Abc News once mentioned that this thing can be sold for $ 10,000 per pound. Roughly, ambergris can be sold for Rp60-70 million per kilogram. How crazy expensive! Moreover Sukadi not only have a kilo two kilo ambergris, but he was carrying at once 200 kilograms you know. On this matter, when asked Sukadi was about to sell it to the right bidder.
Imagine if all the ambergris that he found sold, then at least Sukadi can pocket Rp4, 4 billion you know. Wow good initial intention and fruitful luck is amazing yes guys. It feels like falling durian collapsed deh.
Well now you already know a little about ambergris and what the selling price. Sometimes if you find a suspicious object in a sea that smells like wax and is flammable, it might be ambergris that you can sell. Well if you get a windfall like the fisherman Bengkulu it, want you to use for what money?

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