Disappointed In the League Referee 1, Odemwingi Uploads the Unwinding Photos

        Mahdaen.TV News – Marquee Player Madura United's Peter Odemwingie expressed his disappointment at refereeing League 1 by uploading a photo of his injured leg after being hit by brutal tackle defender Bhayangkara FC Indra Kahfi.
Odemwingie played by Madura United when entertaining Bhayangkara FC (BFC) at the Bangkalan Stadium on Wednesday (08/11). But the match went on hard.



Evidently there are three red cards plus nine yellow cards to be issued by foreign referee from Iran, Seyed Vahitd Kazem. Three red cards were all obtained by the stronghold of Madura United, while Bhayangkara only got three yellow cards.
One of the red cards itself was obtained by Odemwingie in 41 minutes. He was expelled the referee for deliberately kicking Indra Kahfi's legs. The offense itself is a form of revenge for the Nigerian player on the BFC Captain.
Because previously Indra do hard tackle to him. Her legs held high when trying to grab the ball up to the tibia bone aka the shins of Odemwingie's right leg. Miraculously, the referee only give a yellow card to Indra.
Furious with Indra's actions and unreasonable refereeing decisions, the former West Brom player finally protested by uploading the terrible tackle incident video in his Instagram account, plus a big bump photo on his shin and right leg.

He also wrote the following caption: "There is no comment about players and players who only give yellow cards."
Well, GWS Odemwingie! Hopefully not kapok play again in Indonesia.

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