David Summers: "To be ashamed of what you are listening to, is like being ashamed of your girlfriend"

Updated 11/11/2017 17:16
 The G Men are still at the top, filling stadiums, sowing emotions among their fans … and now David Summers, his vocalist publishes his first book "Today I've gotten up with a somersault", which promises … We talk to one of the kings of the Spanish pop group that probably has had more fans in the 80s and 90s of music, happiness, and the new album that he brings along with Dani Mezquita, Rafa Gutirrez and Javier Molina, different from all the previous albums . Do not miss the video!

It all started when he received the call for the presentation of the new book by David Summers: "Today I woke up taking a somersault" in Alienta Editorial (14.95 euros), a work that tells how it has not been easy to be the leader of a rock-pop band of success and stay at the top for more than three decades, at which I, as a spring, I asked to interview him for my own merits … I tell you why.

 David Summers confesses the secrets of his success
Vdeo and stills: Eduardo Garrido. Because besides being one of her most acrimonious fans and also of all the G Men, because I have not lost any detail of her career so I have been able to easily convince my friends (many of them, already millennials) to take the cat to me. Water. And so it was. My boss, Natalia Bajo, gave me the green light to do an interview in video to my misconduct of adolescence.
Yes, I admit it, I've grown up with their songs and I've made them more … since "today is Friday and finally, to go looking for you in the rain, we'll go to a country where we're just you" until the most all the radios like "Marta has a pacemaker" or "Sufre mamn", "Sultate el pelo" or "Nassau", "I feel good, as if I was going to start again", until "Chico, you have to take care of yourself, how much do you think that las dura as "… just to name a few because it did not end or tomorrow … As you understand a little more to the person, behind the fraud, which tells in his book that in the decade of the 80, had to change some ten times on the phone for the harassment and shooting down of fans like me. And that in the interview I do, Summers acknowledges that "he has felt very loved by his fans but never harassed." I do not believe it.
From left to right.; Javier Molina, Daniel Mezquita, David Summers and Rafael Gutirrez in the presentation of the Men's G musical.
Online GTres. And is that even today the more I listen to David and the G-Men, the more I like them and I still like … s, I'm from the generation of crocodile girls. And not only to me, because it's no coincidence that in 30 years that G Men have been in music, they continue to enjoy the success that has led them to continue having millions of fans around the world and more than 15 million albums sold. .. What will the G Men have and what will David Summers have that drives us all crazy?
Also, I must admit that after being president of the fan club (unofficial, it must be said) of the G Men in the 90's where it was much more difficult to legalize it since we started with I, my friend Tere, and everything a group of fans that write us from different parts of Spain and the world … we were overwhelmed at the tender age of 12 years with the success of this group that drives us crazy.
And who was going to tell me that years later (more than 20) I was going to meet my old fraud. Now, in the newsroom, with her 53 years and after landing in TELVA, where I work, she has just landed in the newsroom and I confess that she continues to make me nervous listening to her songs.
My appointment with David Summers stays in a small corner near our offices Editorial Unit where I also meet with Edu Garrido, our camera to make a little interview in video. I try not to let the nerves betray me … this has been the result in video. We hope you like it!
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