DALS 8 – Elodie Gossuin, the body covered with bruises: "Others will appear!"

                    Dance with the stars (TF1) is not easy, and it is not Elodie Gossuin who will say the opposite. Indeed, our former Miss France has found Christian Millette body covered with bruises after a quickstep with Christophe Licata at the last bonus …
In story on Instagram, the Quebec dancer films a moment of respite during his training with his partner. "Are we talking about all these bruises? What's going on?", He asks Elodie Gossuin approaching so that the bruises present in the back and the shoulder of the host of RFM appear.
"I have it everywhere!" She jokes. And she is not at the end of her troubles. "You have just exploded my hip, shoulder and wrist, so there are other blues that will appear," says this mother of four (Rose and Jules, 9, and Joséphine and Leonard, 4 years).
This is not the first time that Elodie Gossuin evokes her suffering on the sidelines of DALS 8. Last October, at the microphone of My TF1, she spoke of her wounds "present in the body with aches and pains". And to add: "During the last bounty, I danced on a barefoot rumba and as soon as something is missed, it hurts terribly.It was not seen, but I had about ten bandages at feet. "

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