Curhat Woeful Kiki Farrel About Mother Who's Not A Bad Tumor!

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Curhat Woeful Kiki Farrel About Mother Who's Not A Bad Tumor! – Bad news coming from Kiki Farrel about her mother's condition. The mother who is often greeted by Mama Dahlia currently has a malignant tumor in the intestine to make her body become thin.
The sad story about the malignant tumor was revealed through Instagram's social media account on Sunday, November 12, yesterday. Kiki preach if he can not meet with the mother because it can not see the state of skinny body Mama Dahlia.

The handsome actor has been more than 2 months did not meet with the mother even if only for chatting only. He then told me if there is a malignant tumor in Mama Dahlia's intestine.

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Since the indication of malignant tumor that appears finally Kiki Farrel's mother could not carelessly consume food. Kiki said if the mother could not consume rough food for several months later.
"Have not seen you mom long. Tlp too dare ga. Krn 2 months ago my mother detected a malignant tumor in her gut. Since then the meal was in abstinence. Can only eat smooth and no fiber foods, "said Kiki at the beginning of the sentence.

Furthermore Kiki Farrel provides information if the mother will be surgery for surgical removal of tumors in the intestine. Since the diagnosis for a month ago, Mama Dahlia will finally undergo surgery today.
"Knp ga dare meet? Since 2 months of eating guarded. Her body was getting thinner. And from last month just can schedule for monday operations tomorrow. Since 2 months I was stressed (honest). And ga see the tough mama's skinny. Tp keep the spirit of work for operating costs. Alhamdulillah sustenance is still flowing from Allah swt., "He added.
In addition to providing information about the circumstances of the mother, Kiki Farrel also asks a prayer to all followers in Instagram. He asks for prayer from the public so that the mother can be healed.
"Please pray for the smooth operation of my mama and hopefully mama quickly recovered, can cheer back ❤️mama," lid at the end of the caption.

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