Cruel! Bangladeshans Exploit Rohingya Boys

The reluctance of the Bangladeshi government to accommodate Rohingya refugees does not make employers and local residents hesitant to exploit them. Worse yet, many of them are cheating, even obscene. When accepting an offer as a construction worker, Muhammad Zubair imagined it could make a lot of money. Because, Rohingya refugees who are aged 14 years was offered a salary 250 taka (currency of Bangladesh) per day or about Rp 40 thousand. However, after working hard for 38 days building the road, he only paid 500 taka alias USD 80 thousand. Zubair was verbally abused when asked for his salary to be paid in full. Then, he was expelled. Finally, the teenager who lived in Kutupalong refugee camp, Bangladesh, was moved to work as a waiter in a teahouse for a month. He took two sif and worked from 6 am until past midnight. Zubair was not allowed out of the shop and was only allowed to talk to his parents once via telephone. "When I am not paid, I run away," he said. The fate of Zubair is what most of the Rohingya refugee children in Bangladesh do. They are exploited both physically and mentally. Many are sexually abused. Their lives in Bangladesh are no better than when they were in Myanmar. Like the word, out of the mouth of a tiger into the crocodile's mouth. The suffering of Rohingya's children is detailed in a report by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) investigation revealed by Reuters news agency yesterday (13/11). Source: Jawa Pos

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