Chairman of this KPK Appreciate the Police Chief Attitude Related Reports Fake Letter

Warta KOTA, PALMERAH – Deputy Chairman of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) Saut Situmorang appreciated the attitude of National Police Chief Gen. Tito Karnavian in handling the alleged false letter case report that ensnared his name and Chairman of KPK Agus Rahardjo.
"So if the Chief of Police makes such a policy would make the KPK more certain to focus on the case being handled now," said Saut Situmorang after becoming speaker in the gathering "Bewe Menggugat: Criminalization Silence People's Voice" at Atma Jaya University Campus, Yogyakarta, Wednesday afternoon.
Earlier, Police Chief General Police Tito Karnavian confirmed the case investigation of counterfeit letters and abuse of authority that ensnare the names of the two KPK leaders, Agus Rahardjo and Saut Situmorang, will run objectively.
Tito also promised to stop the case if in the process of collecting information is not found a criminal element.
Saut acknowledged as a law enforcement institution, KPK still needs correction, criticism and control from various parties. But attempts to find fault with the aim of weakening the anti-franchise institution remain unjustified.
"It is not fair that errors are searched and then created a situation so the KPK does not perform," he said.
However, he confirmed the allegations against him regarding the case of making false letters and abuse of authority reported by House Speaker Setya Novanto through his legal team, Fredrich Yunadi, would not interfere with the KPK's performance in handling corruption cases.
"It is not directly affected, but in general our legal civilization framing is disrupted," he said.
Therefore, Saut said, the firmness of the government, the President, and the Chief of Police is urgently needed to maintain the civilization of Indonesian law.
"The assertiveness of the government, the assertiveness of the President and the assertiveness of the Chief of the National Police shows that our legal development can be better, people will judge it," he said.

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