Caught the Street of Bareng Wanita, Candidate of Caisar's Wife?

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Come With Street Women, Candidate Caisar? – A divorce between Caisar and Indadari is still going on in the Religious Court of Depok. But the owner of Yuk Keep Smile shake it had been holding other women, really?
Case divorce owner Yuk Keep Smile and Indadari it was a chance to be a conversation among netizens. Starting from the cause until the decision has been taken by both parties.

Family celebrities that had previously been problematic because the decision taken by the party by Emperor. What he did was actually make Inda less agree because it is contrary to reality.

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Indadari feel if his life is sufficient even if only trade clothes online. The proceeds of sales have also been enough to support their children and buy some goods.
However, the decision to dance has been unanimously taken by the 28-year-old man. Because of family problems that are considered to trigger a dispute to take the middle road of divorce.
Copyright © IstSejak at that time the case of the household directly became a conversation among social media users. Not infrequently participated with other problems related to the Emperor's work now.
Reporting from father of one child was called has been tight with a woman in a restaurant. Both were found enjoying time together in the area of ​​Taman Mini Indonesia Indah.
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