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The king, a symbol of the Burger King fast food chain, shaved his mustache and beard as part of the Movember

Burger King decided to draw the public's attention to health, especially on the health of men. And he decided to start with himself, as the King should. The word Movember ("Usabr") is formed from the mustache – "mustache" and november – November. Movember is a kind of fundraising, in which men annually grow a mustache in November, after which they donate for a month to fight prostate cancer and other male diseases. In connection with the fact that the mustache of the King of Burgers already exists, it was decided to shave them off in a new advertising campaign in order to start growing them together with all participants of the annual action. In parallel with fundraising, Burger King launched a baton in social networks under the tag #KingstacheChallenge. The conditions are simple: men in November can grow themselves the most bizarre whiskers, make selfies and publish on their page under the tag #KingstacheChallenge. As part of promoting the advertising campaign, Burger King released a video in which he shot his King.

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