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In addition to determining the fate of the cyborgs in the Detroit game: Become Human, you can also determine the direction of the game with a variety of action options.
Sony officially released Detroit's new trailer: Become Human at the Paris Games Week event yesterday. Detroit: Become Human is a game by French developer Quantic Dream.

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The company also makes Heavy Rain and Beyond games: Two Souls. This game could make the PlayStation 4 console owners terbgiang akan kerennya trailer that gives details that android or human-shaped robot in the act like a slave.
At Paris Games Week 2017 yesterday, Sony released a trailer that is very touching, especially for personal writers. Just look at the trailer below:

In the trailer, KARA looks as a female robot into a slave or a maid from someone named Tod. Tod who is an antagonist lives with his son, Alice.
In this trailer shows that Tod often torture Alice and it turns out KARA is a former mother of Alice. The trailer is very emotional especially when Alice looks tortured by Tod. After that incident, came a little gameplay from this game.

Players who will be playing as KARA will be made to choose what action he will do later. He can choose to take Alice away from Tod or even shoot Tod though.
The new trailer also shows that a robot-like KARA has feelings for humans. This matches the trailer released 4 months ago by Sony in the E3 event.

But unfortunately the fans are required to wait longer for the official launch. There is no certainty about when the release date of Detroit: Become Human. But it is certain to release in 2018.
Not only the Detroit announcement: Become Human, Sony also announced a variety of surprises including: Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis, Resident Evil 7, Last of Us, until Spider-Man new game. If you are curious about the announcements of Paris Games Week 2017, you can simply click the tag of Paris Games Week or search Paris Games Week on my website. Happy reading!
Source: Gamespot, edited by Fachrul Razi

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