Basic Naughty Cats, Blood Tests for Infection Risk Check

Here's the story. At Mifune, a town in northern Japan, a meow scratch faces Mayuko Matsumoto, 82, until he was seriously injured. The grandmother, known to have long been paralyzed and unable to speak it, found her daughter. '' Blood fouled the top of his chin. There are several injuries seen in, '' said his son as quoted by RKK.

Matsumoto then rushed to the hospital. The local police are investigating. They claim to find traces of human blood in one of the stray cats around the grandmother's house. '' Hence, there is no sign of damage at the door or other access to the house, '' said the police as quoted by NTV.

Because the culprit is a cat, now Matsumoto melakoni blood tests to determine the risk of infection. Duh, hopefully the grandmother recover quickly yes. Yes, sometimes it gets bitten rather than scratched. (Sky News / fam / c14 / na)

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