Asked Possible Blinded Again, Rina Nose: You When Dead?

                            A few years ago, Marshanda's decision to release his post-divorce hijab from Ben Kasyafani sparked a public outcry. This time, a similar incident happened again, precisely on the presenter and a beautiful singer, Rina Nose. Unfortunately, until now he did not want to disclose his reasons for making such a big decision.
And therefore, the 33-year-old woman is not afraid to lose her job in the entertainment world. Hijab or no hijab, Rina believes if his sustenance will still flow because this is indeed a decision he made himself, while the exaggerate problem is netizen.
"It's also not there.Who is the TV that my contract is veiled and remove the hijab after the contract expires? Evil really.If anyone is watching me from the beginning of the career, from before the year 2006, they will know my career tuh segitu aja, nobody suddenly pluk up, pluk down.No matter of life, just what people see about the divorce, the matter of not being married, finally make their own conclusions.Do not be made excessive, "said Rina short when found in the area of ​​Daan Mogot, West Jakarta, on Saturday (11/11).
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Did not rule out if Rina will re-wearing hijab again sometime later. But when asked by the media crew about the possibility, the Bandung-born woman gave a pretty stupid answer. "I ask you when you die? Your question is the same as my question, no one knows tomorrow we will die, nobody knows tomorrow will meet with whom, or experience what happened.Life is dynamic, man is changing, sure.That is what everyone should realize, "he continued.
It is undeniable that many people are disappointed with Rina's decision to abandon her hijab. Even some of them tend to issue a judgmental rant. Rina also admitted if he feels afraid and threatened because of it. However, Ridwan's former wife Anani Anani had a message for his haters.
"So I emphasize once again to those who say rude to me: You God? Hey, please, you just calm down, do not have to judge me, just calm down .. Kan he believed all this God set. , you do not have to be set up with you guys You are not God and not a person who already has a certificate of heaven that has been signed directly by God If anyone showed me a certificate of heaven signed by God, and advise me, okay I kurut.But this is not, we do not know the mystery of what's going forward, so leave it to God, and do not be God, "Rina concluded.

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