Apparently This Is The Origin Of Starting Reputation Reputation Micin

        Mahdaen.TV News – Regardless of the nature of serious or joking, certainly many of you who often hear or even throw yourself a sentence such as taunted above. Is it that toxic micin is so often referred to as the cause of ignorance? Is there really a study of micin that says that he is proven to cause the brain to become dull?
Yes, the bad image of this micin was not kidding you know. The proof is to many restaurants that label themselves 'No MSG'. This label seems as important as the label 'Halal' or 'No Pork', which if consciously consumed by a Muslim can cause sin for violating what is forbidden. And unconsciously used as a benchmark people in choosing a place to eat. Before judge all sorts, consider first deh facts why initially micin can be considered dangerous like this poison ~
Micin was first invented by Prof. Kikunae Ikeda. From his research, he was able to create a fifth taste other than sweet, sour, bitter, salty



Mentioned as the source of human foolishness, the scientific language called monosodium glutamate (MSG), was created by a professor from Tokyo Imperial University Japan, Kikunae Ikeda, in 1908. Initially he was inspired by his wife's delicious cuisine. After being asked, he often uses dried seaweed called 'kombu'. Dissolving kombu into hot water will make it a dashi broth that has an umami or savory taste. This flavor is touted as the 5th taste after sweet, sour, bitter, salty.
Ikeda then adds another ingredient such as sodium to convert the solution into a cooking flavoring powder. From there he then patented his invention and made Ajinomoto for the first time. And it turns out the content in MSG is glutamate, actually naturally can be found also in tomatoes, cheese, dessert, dried mushrooms, soy sauce, fruit and vegetables, even breast milk! Well you know, contradictory, right, breast milk is proven to make babies grow better, even there turns glutamatnya. Still dare say micin make stupid?
In 1968, MSG suddenly got a bad stamp after Dr. Ho Man Kwok sent a letter about Chinese Restaurant Syndrome (CRS) to a medical journal

Apparently the 'fear' of the community will not directly occur micin just like that. So the story, in 1968 there was a professor named Dr. Ho Man Kwok who claims that he felt the pain in the back of the neck to the arms and back, with accompanied limp and pounding every meal at a Chinese restaurant. It is said that Kwok blamed MSG as the cause of the syndrome, which was later named Chinese Restaurant Syndrome (CRS).
Kwok then wrote a letter to the New England Journal of Medicine about his unrest. Kwok also strengthens it by exposing some research on the effects of MSG. One of them is research by Dr. John W. Olney from the University of Washington involving mice. Olney injected MSG 4 grams / kg body weight of mice. The result of rats growing more dwarf, fat, and some are barren. Yes, if the dose is not that much surprised if even so dangerous. Sugar as salt, too, if consumed excess can trigger complications.
This debate lasts long enough, even to the point of creating a common perception that 'micin can make a fool'

Complain from Dr. Kwok it is said to make many researchers so compete experimenting with this micin. Simply mazy information about the bad impact of this micin spread like a 'virus'. Even today there are still many people who prefer not to add micin on baksonya orders or many other foods. Even the matter of the effects of this micin has become the ingredients of multiplying in many groups of friends. Worse, this innocent micin is considered to be the cause of the stupidity of mankind. Though people can be stupid yes because not learn!
In 1995, drug and food regulatory agencies in the US made experiments on the effects of MSG. The result, MSG classified as safe ingredients consumed

Well, in 1995 finally there is also clarity about the effects of this micin. Reporting from the Compass, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the US asked the Federation of American Society for Experimental Biology, see the true impact of micin. The results of several individual groups did show a bad response to MSG in large doses, which were felt an hour after taking them. But the measure is 3 grams without food. Whereas most people consume an average MSG only 0.55 grams / day, and mixed food as well. Some research also showed similar results.
On the basis of these studies, the FDA finally established MSG as GRAS (Generally Recognised As Safe), which is safe to consume. Anyway if it is a dangerous micin why the sale is not prohibited and legitimate aja? Anything excessive would be dangerous, it's important not to snack on the micin every day ~

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