Although Still Small, Rafathar Has Been Taught to Pray Like This Is Adorable

TRIBUNSTYLE.COM – It seems Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina is a figure of parents who want the son to know religion since infancy.
At the age of Rafathar who stepped on the second year, this celebrity baby likes to sing religious songs.
Of the many children's songs, the song titled "Umi" is often sung Rafathar with a funny and full of appreciation.
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Even Rafathar was willing to join the prayer movements when there is prayer in congregation at his home.
It is immortalized by the baby sitter, Shela Lala in Instagramnya account.

instagram / shela_lala96 () Although still not wearing a sarong, Rafathar was willing to stand still with other prayers.

instagram / shela_lala96 () When prostrated too, it seems that Rafathar is following up and clearly becoming invisible.

instagram / shela_lala96 () "BISalah yaallah hopefully aa someday be a good child, good child, clever, and devoted to both parents and family @ raffinagita1717 and people around her aminnn," prayer Lala when melihta little bosses want to learn salat.

Amini many netizens who come to see the post sitter Rafathar's baby sitter.
"Aminn, and hopefully also can be a child who boast parents," write account @ marlianaputri98.
"Pinter bgt ,,,, mb @ shela_lala96 bsok2 in pakein same fabric capi ya ,,, besides aa bebby learn, liatnya definitely funny and gemezz," @ listyar141.
"Is that all his assistant raffi," @ udapuriwijayanti.
"Pinter yaa aa, ank sholeh his mama papa @ raffinagita1717 ,, gpp pke clana short dlu ya a, yg pntg intention and want ikt solat definitely dmaklumin his name is also a small ank," @ nurmanyun26. ( Manila)

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