Alejandro Amenbar makes us dream with the announcement of the Christmas Lottery 2017

Daniel Luque and Charlotte Vega are the protagonists of the most anticipated announcement of the year

Updated 11/13/2017 4:33 PM
 Well, it seems it's Christmas. And for many, the presentation of the announcement of the Christmas lottery of December 22 marks what is the most magical and sentimental time of the year. This year, Alejandro Amenbar has joined the campaign directing a short of almost 20 minutes (which in his television version is in 3:30 minutes) that starred Daniel Luque and Charlotte Vega.

Under the title The look of Danielle, Loteras y Apuestas del Estado has presented the new advertising spot to promote sales of Christmas lottery. Directed by the Spanish filmmaker Alejando Amenbar and starring Daniel Luque and Charlotte Vega, the spectators will be witnesses of the love story between a terrcho and a young alien. Together they will discover that luck is found, besides being rewarded in this long-awaited draw, in the little things that come with us from day to day: from love, of course, to our little pets.
Until next December 22, date of the most anticipated draw of the year, we can see Daniel and Danielle (Daniel Luque and Charlotte Vega) on television enjoying, they sure are, of all the luck in the world.

And here, the complete movie of the announcement of the Christmas lottery 2017.


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