Adapted from His Book, Memoir Soleh Solihun Filmed

Soleh Solihun is a writer who is also an entertainer, comedian, actor, and former music journalist. He's famous for his intelligent jokes, and what he is.

Before the movie is released, Want So What? launched first in book form. Published by the Heritage Landscape, this book contains Soleh Solihun's youth memoirs.

One of them when Soleh Solihin became a student Faculty of Communication Sciences Padjadjaran University in Bandung in the late 1990s and early 2000s.
At the launching of the book, the producer announces a silver screen version of Mau Jadi Apa ?. The film is scheduled to air in late November 2017.
What do you want to be? produced thanks to the cooperation of Starvision and Millennia. While the director's job is held by Monty Tiwa. Interestingly, the direct film starring Soleh Solihun to accommodate his narcissistic intentions.
In his statement, Soleh Solihun said that the essence of books and films originated from the process of life when asked Want So What? which everyone must pass.
"The combination of intermittent singular status, the pressure of parents, and society, makes every man maneuver around to find real identity, but the journey is not easy when we reflect now we can pass, one of them by sharing feeling with fellow comrades in arms, that's one of the essences we want to celebrate through this book and movie, "Soleh Solihun said.
Besides Soleh Solihun, Want to Be What? supported by a row of players such as Boris Bokir, Awwe, Ricky Wattimena, Adjis Doaibu, Anggika Borsterli, Aurelie Moeremans; as well as the appearance of Ronal Surapraja, Ernest Prakasa, Gading Marten, Andhika Pratama, and others.

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