Ace is Charlotte Vega, the actress of the moment

The young woman has starred with Dani Luque the announcement of the Christmas lottery that has conquered us all

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Updated 11/14/2017 3:31 PM
 New arrival of space Charlotte Vega has already become the face of this Christmas. Only a few hours ago the long-awaited announcement of the lottery came out, this time directed by Alejandro Amenbar, in which the actress plays an extraterrestrial woman who, due to hazards of fate, meets Dani Luque in a lottery administration. a romantic love story, and on top of that is the Gordo. Luck seems to be on his side and this spot is already launching his career. We tell you more about the actress of the moment.

This madrilea of ​​English mother and Spanish father has grown up in Sitges. Although for some it is a new face, the actress, at 24, has a long curriculum behind her.
After participating in the series Refugiados broadcast on the BBC and giving life to Carmen Dez de Rivera in What Hide Your Eyes, has just released two films on the big screen: the action thriller American Assassin and the film directed by Isabel Coixet 'La bookstore ', with whom he repeats after recording in 2013 My other self, where I shared screen with Sophie Turne, Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones.

Within the national scene you will surely have seen her in series such as Velvet where she played Luca Mrquez; in The Secret of the Old Bridge, like Rita Aranda. Also like Valeria when she starred in the film The Club of the Misunderstood.
Personally Charlotte Vega, with her blond hair, clear eyes and that brightness in the look is the living reflection of the personified sweetness. Although this has sometimes played against him: "I have often been seen as a sweet girl, the cute girl, especially in the television series, and I do not want that, because it does not fill me up. I prefer not to work and wait for a more interesting project, although I go through difficult times, "declared the actress for YoDona on one occasion.

Although Charlotte is fully focused on her professional future, she also, like all young people, takes time to enjoy her hobbies. She is a lover of animals, at 4 she learned to ride a horse and at 8 she was already competing. In the last years he has abandoned the hype professionally but not as a hobby and one of his dreams is to gallop out in a movie. Now he dedicates all his pampering to his hairy little friend Luca, his tan-colored labrador.

With her 23 years of age and full of energy, she is an all-rounder and as soon as she is jumping the waves with her surfboard and doing yoga by the sea. And when he has no energy left or if he gives his movie and blanket his choice (and every day more people) is a marathon of his favorite series: True Detective, Breaking Bad or Orange is the New Black, among others.
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