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Who does not know Shazam? Well, this character is not as famous as Batman and Superman, but make no mistake, this superhero has a very powerful power. Originally this character was named Captain Marvel, but today he is more popular with the name Shazam, because Marvel Comics already first get the copyright to name Captain Marvel from DC. Well geeks, 'Shazam' is actually a mantra uttered by Billy Batson when it will turn into a superhero. He gained that power from an old magician who gave his strength to Billy Batson. The name Shazam is an acronym of the six gods of 'Immortal Elder' namely Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles and Mercury depicting the power of Shazam.
Warner Bros and DC Comic are currently preparing to produce Shazam's solo film. After the official actor Zachary Levi to play Shazam and Asher Angle selected to play Billy Batson, this movie has not announced who and what characters will be involved in this film later. But there are some other characters that we hope to appear in this movie, who the hell is the character? Check out below yes geeks!

1. The Wizard

Geeks, if you already know the origin of Billy Batson, surely The Wizard is one of the important characters in the story of Shazam formation. The Wizard has the original name of Mamaragan which was originally a native of Middle Eastern Kahndaq kingdom. He is the last council to control magic from a city known as the Rock of Eternity. Several thousand years ago, the Wizard used his great ability to defend humanity, but in the end, it was time for him to surrender his power to others. The first time he tried to give his strength, it did not go well, and resulted in the appearance of the figure of Black Adam who is the main villain of Shazam.
Later, the Wizard chose Billy Batson wisely as his new successor, after Batson came to the place of the great wizards of Rock of Eternity. After he surrendered power to Billy Batson, The Wizard was told he died or may have been killed, though he still helps the Moody World Mortal in a different way. it seems he will be a character who has a big role later on in the movie even the sequel.
2. Doctor Sivana

As you have previously known Geeks, Black Adam was originally designated to be the main villain in the movie Shazam, but Black Adam will debut on his own in the Adam Black solo film. DaTampaknya, this makes Doctor Thaddeus Sivana become the best candidate as a new villain. Unlike Black Adam, which is physically equivalent to Shazam. Doctor Sivana has a very intelligent genius in creating weapons and gadgets used to fight Shazam. In The New 52, ​​Sivana was also able to see the magic, after his right eye was struck by a magical lightning. Until now Shazam is still heading to the production process, and reportedly Mark Strong is in talks to portray Doctor Sivana.
3. Mary Marvel

Just as Freddy Freeman a.k.a Captain Marvel Jr., she is one of Billy Batson's allies who often appears in comic stories. In the original Captain Marvel story, Mary is Billy's long-lost sister, while in The New 52, ​​Mary is Billy Batson's half-brother. Regardless of how later in the movie Shazam relates the story of Billy and Mary, Mary is said to have an important role in this film and of course DC will not ignore it. Reportedly, Grace Fulton is in talks to portray the character of Mary Mavel, who is one of the actresses who starred in the movie Annabelle: Creation directed by David F. Sanberg.
4. C.C and Marilyn Batson

Like Batman, Billy Batson also fared the same that is an orphan. In classical mythology Shazam, his parents C.C and Marilyn Batson, died of being killed in an archaeological dig by their friend Theo Adam, who was none other than Black Adam. Just as the murders of Thomas and Martha Wayne caused Bruce Wayne to become Batman, Billy's parents must be willing not to know his son to be a superhero, because of their absence which now forms Billy into a superhero. And that does not mean there should be no story in the movie Shazam later that shows the cause of death of C.C and Marilyn Batson. In the comic story, Doctor Sivana is the master of Theo Adam, most likely he could be the one who ordered the murder of Billy's parents or do his own action in the movie Shazam later.
5. Tawky Tawny

The last Tawky Tawny, a portrayed humanoid tiger can speak and wear a suit. Of course, Tawky Tawny is not the right character to be included in Shazam's version of a comic-like version. It would be better if Shazam took a part in the Flashpoint and The New 52 stories, where Twaky Twany is an ordinary tiger powered by Shazam magic, making it a part of a fierce ally. You must be wondering geeks? How can a common tiger enter into this Shazam story. In Billy Batson's original story in The New 52, ​​Tawky Tawny is a tiger at the zoo that Billy and his parents visited. If, he will be included in the story in the movie Shazam, Tawky Tawny should not be able to speak even when magic is addressed to him.
Geeks, that's just some of the characters in the comics that may need to appear in the DC movie Shazam is scheduled to release on 5 April 2019 (USA) future. Geeks, according to kallian are there any other characters worth attending besides the above characters? Give your opinion dikolom comment ya geeks.
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