2 Unloading Workers Crushed 30 Sak Pupuk

jpnn.com, SAMPIT – Two unloading laborers named Andi and Rahman almost died from negligence while working. They were hit by 30 sacks of fertilizer during loading and unloading at PT Pundi Port Jetty, Pelangsian I Road, Telaga Baru Village, Ketapang, Sampit, Monday (13/11) at around 08:00 pm. Andi had a shift in the lumbar bone and bruises on his forehead. While Rahman suffered blisters on the lips, nose, and forehead. Kapolsek of the Port of Mentaya Region (KPM) Iptu Irfan Ali Reja said the two victims were rushed to the hospital for treatment. He added that the incident occurred when Andi and Rahman dismantled five thousand tons of fertilizer brands Daun Buah. At that time, Andi and Rahman along with his colleagues are loading fertilizer into the nets in trucks using heavy equipment. "Somehow suddenly the fertilizer that is in the net as much as 30 sak this fall and fall on both of them. At that time, the conditions below were crowded. Only two of these victims are not able to avoid, "said Irfan, Tuesday (14/11).

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