Wow, Kale and Caulifla Will Fusion in Dragon Ball Super Episode 114!

From words and visuals to previews next week's episode, Kale and Caulifla seem to be fusion in Dragon Ball Super 114!

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Fusion Kale and Caulifla include couples the author considers in the list of "6 Fusion Dragon Ball Super That May Be Happened in Tournament of Power." The reason, they both are already compatible. After one by one their universe mainstay vanished, they also had no other choice. Although Caulifla became Super Saiyan 3 was hoped to beat Jiren is still thin.

But considering that the fusion technique should only be known by the 7th Universe 7 brawler, the writer could feel that the more likely to join is Goku with Vegeta or Goku with Gohan.
So who would have thought if there was a chance Kale and Caulifla would fusion in Dragon Ball Super 114?

Yup, the Dragon Ball Super 114 preview reveals many interesting things. First, Kale seems to have managed to control his Super Saiyan Legendary form. That alone is very dangerous.
Then it is said that he and Caulifla will take out their ultimate weapons. It does not explain what this weapon is, but the title of the upcoming episode is "The Emergence of New Warriors."
The first time it was announced this title is just confusing. Some even think that the title in this title is a fighter Universe 4, which is still mysterious. But after seeing the last image in the preview, obviously already meant.

The episode preview closes with a figure with Kale's hairstyle standing up. Then the figure turned and turned out he had Caulifla face.
Now, they can be very interesting fighter. The genius brain of Caulifla can control the enormous power of the Super Saiyan Legendary. As Cabba hopes, they really can be the last mainstay of Universe 6. (Unless Namek duo merging with each other perhaps).
But how? Is Goku teaching them? Probably so, but the author argues otherwise. From the narration in the preview, it seems that this fusion technique is already owned first by Caulifla and Kale. So they are supposed to be fusing using a technique belonging to Universe 6.
If for example this technique turned out to be not as ridiculous as that of Universe 7, maybe Gohan or Vegeta would consider using it as well in critical times.
Well, what do you think? How do you speculate about Caulifla and Kale fusion? Convey in the comment field!

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