Uneven Water Distribution, Finally Passengers Bathing at Gas Station

The formula is simple. The further away from the center of the city, the flow of water more slowly. PDAM actually has 6,600 kilometers of pipelines connected to 97 percent of Surabaya residents. Unfortunately, the achievement of the pipeline construction is not balanced with the equitable water output across the region.

The suburbs suffered the most. For example in Kelurahan Bulak Banteng. For almost three months, residents of RW 6 and RW 8 stayed up late every night. Not because there is a spectacle of the ball, but waiting for water that only lights up during the evening. So, the residents must stand by to accommodate as much water as it lights up.

Those with a reservoir can sleep soundly. However, those who do not have automatic tank has to wait. Bulak Banteng which is located just west of Kali Tebu increasingly makes severe water availability. Well water sometimes smells. Not worth the cooking needs. Mentok, water can only be used to wash and water the plants.
"Sometimes not out blas," said Atikoh, residents RW 6. If it were so, the arrival of water tank truck PDAM considered special. Scenes of people scrambling for water tank always happen. If it were so, each must keep emotions. Adu mouth is very prone to occur.
Residents in the two RW are not alone. There are four more RWs that are experiencing the same thing. Namely, in RW 3, 7, 10, and 14 Kelurahan Sidotopo Wetan, Kenjeran District. Causes of water in the region has occurred since 2-3 weeks ago.
To meet the water needs, residents take advantage of PDAM shipments. But, if they do not miss out, they are forced to buy water from wheelbarrows. "Shower is easy. Can ride in the mosque or gas station. But mosok every day? Shame, "said Febriardyanto, a resident of RW 7.
Residents hope that the water shortage of PDAM can be resolved soon. If it is left perpetually, the expenditure of citizens can swell. Moreover, although the water is not lit, the PDAM tariff is still being billed. There is a metered rental fee to be paid each month. "Every month pay the routine. Can not water also still pay, "he said
PDAMs do internal surveys to see the company's services. One of them is about the continuity of water. From the results of the survey is known that the western most get the least water. Therefore, the flow of water from IPAM Ngagel and Karang Pilang flow into the central region of the city to the east.
Director of PDAM Surya Sembada Mujiaman Sukirno said, the flow of water for this is only enjoyed by some circles. The success of optimizing the water capacity of 1,000 liters per second of water is also not felt by residents in the suburbs. "Although the ride, which enjoys yes that person-that's all," explained Managers who inaugurated June 16 last.
In July the production capacity is only 9,900 liters per second. And current water production has penetrated 10,830 liters per second. Last July, water sales reached 17 million cubic meters. While the September production has penetrated 20 million cubic meters. The optimization is in line with the investment of Rp 200 billion.
However, these improvements make the middle of the city more extravagant. The average water usage in July reached 30 cubic meters per customer per month. Three months later it increased to 36 cubic meters. In fact, many of the water bills are above 50 cubic meters per month. "Adus added dienak-enakno. But, the far still not missed, "said Mujiaman.
The solution that can be taken is the change of tariff scheme. Earlier researchers from the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) Surabaya proposed a PDAM tariff change. In the first 10 cubic meters of water is free. Therefore, the amount is the basic right of water that has been determined by the United Nations. Well, the use of water after the basic rights is forbidden. "Indeed, this is one solution to the extravagant frugality. I agree with my friends ITS, "said alumnus Chemical Engineering ITS.
If there is massive savings in the central area of ​​the city, he believes the water produced can meet the needs of the periphery. Currently, water sold by PDAM reaches 20 million cubic meters. That amount is enough to flow 3 million people.
Another solution that the PDAM will do is to spread the pumps and reservoirs to the difficult areas of water. In the beginning of the year there will be five reservoirs with a total capacity of 15 thousand cubic meters. In addition, PDAM cooperates with PDAM Gresik area. "Anyway, the suffering-this must be saved," he said.

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